30 Unbelievable Facts We Bet You Never Knew About Helene Fischer


Helene Fischer, the most successful German pop singer, with over 15 million records sold worldwide, according to record certifications, is the eighth richest singer in the world, as per the Forbes 2018 list. Here are some really interesting facts about the Russian German singer, entertainer, television presenter and actress:

  1. Her most popular 2013 album "Farbenspiel," which was certified multi platinum, became the legally most downloaded album by a German artist of all time, in June 2014.
  2. In a career spanning for around 14 years, she has seventeen Echo awards, four "Die Krone der Volksmusik" awards, seven Goldene Henne awards and three Bambi awards to her name, along with much more accolades.
  3. She holds the record for having won the most number of ECHO awards by any artist, with a total of seventeen times, between the years 2009 and 2018.
  4. Her self-titled album "Helene Fischer" sold over 300,000 copies in its first week of release in Germany, making it the highest-selling debut since Herbert Grönemeyer's 2002 album "Mensch."
  5. She also holds the record for having won seven Goldene Henne awards, three Bambis and two Golden Cameras, by any artist, separately in each category.
  6. She was ranked at number seven by the New York Times magazine in their October 2018 edition of the biggest touring musician acts worldwide of the year.
  7. She made her debut on stage on May 14, 2005, in a duet with the singer Florian Silbereisen, in a program of the TV channel ARD.
  8. Helene Fischer was born on August 5, 1984, in the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk, Russia, which was a part of the then Soviet Union, to parents Peter and Marina Fischer.
  9. Her parents both were employed, as her father Peter was a physical education teacher, while her mother was an engineer. She has an elder sister who is nearly 3 years older than her.
  10. Her paternal grandparents were Black Sea Germans, among those who were forced into settlements in Siberia and Kazakhstan.
  11. She emigrated at the age of 3, in the year 1988, when her parents moved to Wöllstein, Rhineland-Palatine, West Germany.
  12. She went to the Frankfurt Stage & Musical School for three years, to study singing and acting, following her graduation from school.
  13. While at the Frankfurt Stage & Musical School, she reportedly performed on stage at the Volkstheater Frankfurt as well as the Staatstheater Darmstadt.
  14. It was her mother who secretly copied a demo CD with six of Fischer's songs from her time at the Frankfurt Stage & Musical School, and sent it to different recording studios in an effort to know the professional reactions to her daughter's performance.
  15. After listening to the demo CD sent by her mother, artists’ manager Uwe Kanthak ensured that her first album "Von hier bis unendlich" - English title -"From here to eternal," was produced.
  16. Fischer's first English album - "The English Ones," produced by Jean Frankfurter, was released on June 7, 2010. It was like a dream come true for her, as she had always dreamed of singing her songs in another language.
  17. Just like many other successful artists, Fischer also had to wait till her fifth studio album "Für einen Tag" - English title - "For one day," to reach the top of the German charts, released in the year 2011.
  18. Her number one hit song "Atemlos durch die Nacht" - Breathless through the night, reportedly turned into one of the German national football team’s favorites, as Fischer sang the song for them on the fan mile in front of the Brandenburg Gate on July 15, 2014, following the team winning the world championship title in Brazil.
  19. She made her debut as an actress in January 2013, in an episode of the "Das Traumschiff," one of the most-watched German TV series, about a cruise ship that travels around the world.
  20. Her album "Farbenspiel" is the most successful release of a German female artist in the first week of release in the last 10 years, which went platinum within 5 days.
  21. She released a Christmas album "Weihnachten" on November 13, 2015, which consisted of 2 CDS, the first being songs in German and the second being songs in English.
  22. The "Weihnachten" album made it to number 1 in the year-end charts in both Germany and Austria, and has till date sold over 1.5 million copies.
  23. Fischer sang the German version of "How Far I'll Go" - "Ich bin bereit," which is the title song of Disney's Moana, a 2016 animated musical adventure film.
  24. Her eighth studio album, which is self titled, bearing her name "Helene Fischer," was released by Polydor on May 12, 2017. The album peaked at number one of the German, Austrian and Swiss Albums Chart.
  25. "Helene Fischer" album also reportedly reached among the top ten albums in the charts of Netherlands and the Flemish region of Belgium.
  26. She was listed at number 8 in the Forbes' list of top-earning female artists worldwide, making her the current most successful non-English singer.
  27. She hosts Helene Fischer Show, the most popular yearly music entertainment show, broadcasted during the Christmas on German public TV.
  28. For this show, she has performed with various artists including Tom Jones,Andrea Berg, Take That, Michael Bolton, Unheilig, Olly Murs, David Garrett, Max Raabe, Udo Jurgens, Quuen and Bryan Adams. She even performed acrobatics with Lindsey Stirling.
  29. A meet & greet with Helene Fischer was arranged as a part of the charity event for the "Wir helfen Kinder" children’s foundation, in which a bidder paid 20,000 euros ($22544) for the auction.
  30. She dated Florian Silbereisen, a musician and TV presenter, with whom she performed for a medley in her first German TV appearance. However, the duo reportedly broke up in the late 2018, after a decade long relationship.
  31. Helene Fischer Net Worth: $32 Million

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