10 Interesting Facts About Bingo


Bingo has the kind of universal appeal that makes it not only fun to play, but also a game that brings together people. One of the earliest and most popular "sit-down" games, bingo is enjoyed by individuals of all ages. However, it's simplicity, and the money-making aspect of the game has led to bingo becoming a favourite amongst the elderly. But things are changing, and with new and younger versions of the game coming to light, the way we play bingo is no longer the same.

Traditional bingo has gone through an impressive transformation over the last couple of years. In the real world, the game is making a comeback in the form a more energetic and entertainment filled event. This revival of bingo has mainly taken the UK by storm where more than 3 million players indulge in the game every year. Now, bingo isn't without its eccentricities and an exciting past that gives it an added charm. These facts about the game are both interesting and a look into how it has managed to influence people over the years positively.

  1. Bingo is called by different names across the world. In places like Australia and India, it is still known as "Housie". As for the origins of its present name, the game initially came in a box titled Beano. It is believed that bingo got its name when a player, in the excitement of winning, shouted "Bingo!" in place of Beano.
  2. The game has multiple versions with bingo cards available in different themes. From bingo with words that help children learn letters and a special Christmas bingo to bingo cards that are slightly naughty and perfect for stag and hen nights, there is something for every possible occasion. Moreover, with the rise in online bingo, the game has a whole new element to it, enhanced by sound and graphics. In addition to this, players can now enjoy a game of online bingo from the comfort of their home.
  3. As a business, bingo is responsible for the creation of thousands of jobs, not just in the gambling industry but across different fields such as software and app development.
  4. The new age of online bingo has revolutionised the way people play the game. With the advent of bingo websites, players have the option to win money whenever they want. Furthermore, the best bingo websites are now offering unbelievable offers to gamblers that put them in a lead even before the first number is called. The variety in games has also increased exponentially, and with chat capabilities, the community and social aspect of the game remain intact.
  5. Bingo has quite a high overall winning statistic with 96% of people who play the game having won at one time or another. Because there are different ways for players to win in the game, especially in online bingo, the probability of walking away with a nice little profit is always high.
  6. Bingo, along with lotteries, is one of the two most prevalent charity fundraising activities. However, more than lotteries, bingo adds a sense of enjoyment, fun, and frolic to any gathering, making it a hot favourite.
  7. The game has a mass female following with only 20% of players being men.
  8. A bingo game can last anywhere from 4 to 10 minutes, but on average a player has a chance to hit the jackpot every 6 minutes.
  9. Bingo cards differ depending on which side of the Atlantic you are on. In the US, a card has 5x5 squares, whereas in the UK it has 3 rows and 9 columns.
  10. There also exists DIY bingo cards where players can enter in their own numbers. However, making sure they have done this before the game starts and also keeping a check on it makes this format slightly complicated and tedious.

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