What to Pack for a Caribbean Cruise


A cruise can be the ultimate vacation destination, especially if you are someone who has a difficult time deciding what exactly you want to do while you are vacationing. Cruises are amazing because not only are you able to see different parts of the world, you're also able to have access to a wide array of activities including shows, amazing dinners, and even possibly gambling.

Once you've booked the cruise of your dream the age-old question may form in your mind: what do you wear? Don't worry! This article will help you know what to pack for a Caribbean cruise. 

You're Going To The Caribbean 

It's always a smart idea to pack for the weather that you're going to be encountering, but if you are going on a Caribbean cruise it's very likely that the weather you'll be dealing with is almost ideal: sunny, warm, and occasionally humid if you're going in the summer months.

Make sure you pack light clothing that is comfortable for warm, humid weather. Don't forget hats! Far too often, cruise travelers forget to bring any sort of hat, which helps to protect your face and head from the potentially damaging rays of the sun. Simply having a good baseball hat or a nice sun hat can truly help to protect you on your trip.

Also, in regards to the hot weather, make sure you pack sunscreen. While it is true you can get all sorts of amenities on the ship it's often best to pack your own sunscreen because you know which sunscreen works best for your specific type of skin. 

Pack Light 

You may be confused why this is in its own section. Weren't you just advised to pack light clothing? Absolutely, but in this case we are talking about not bringing along a huge amount of items and clothing with you. The more lightly you pack, the easier embarking and disembarking is going to be, so try to figure out things that you can cut out of your packing list or that you can use for more than one situation.

Take t-shirts, for example - If you choose to pack Merino wool as t-shirts you may find that you can pack only one or two, as they wick moisture and resist odour, so can be worn for days - just check out this awesome travel clothing and tell yourself you aren't just a little interested. Merino clothing can also be easily washed in your bathroom; just hang them up to dry overnight and you've got the perfect shirt for any occasion. 

Medications and Sleep Aids 

While, as stated before, you can get a number of items on board the ship it is often best if you bring your own. This is especially true when it comes to medication. Make sure you bring any medications that you regularly take as well as items like ibuprofen or aspirin and some sort of sleep aid.

Not only may you have to deal with jet lag, depending on where you live in the country, you may also find that you have a difficult time sleeping on a rocking boat. Some people say it reminds them of being rocked to sleep as a child while others have a very difficult time sleeping while the boat is moving.

Before you have the most relaxing time of your life, you need to ensure you pack correctly. Follow these steps, and you'll be more than ready to hit the pool, or lounge on the beach with a drink in hand.

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