Top 5 Email Marketing Fails


One of the major ways by which entrepreneurs or marketers advertise their products is via internet marketing. Internet marketing therefore, involves the use of internet to reach out to a particular audience with the motive of selling your product (s).

There are many means by which internet marketing can be explored. One of them is email marketing. Other include SMS Marketing, Social Media Marketing etc.

Email Marketing is the process of designing emails intended to be sent to your clients (and potential clients) with the intention of advertising your products. Email marketing was founded as a major step in internet marketing advancement.

Before now, email marketing has proven to be an effective means of advertising one's products until SMS Marketing turned the table around with over 90% success rate of stimulating clients. This is because there are many failures now associated with email marketing.

When email marketing is not done the right way, there is the likelihood of having some failures. Some of them include the following

Leaving Out The Link Of The Product

It sounds absurd, right? Yes, that is very possible. Many email marketers, including professional ones, have testified that mistake of such happens like twice in ten emails. Probably because email marketing developers are busy with the design and content of the email, thereby forgetting the link to the product being advertised. The major consequence of such mistake is that clients won't be able to even have access to the product (s).

Delivering a Message to the Wrong Person

Even though it might sound not too bad, it usually comes with terrible consequences. There are millions of individuals in the World and only a small fraction forms your audience. Mistakenly sending an email to someone that isn't your client can meet the individual in a bad coincidence situation. For example, Shutterfly once mistakenly send an email congratulating you on becoming a new parent. It's an simple misunderstanding except when it reach to an individual that can't have any children or worse lost a child. Luckily, as soon as Shutterfly realized the mistake the rectify it with an apology.

Sending Wrong Designs And Contents at the Wrong Time

Another marketing fails is to mistakenly send wrong designs and/or contents to your supposed clients. The interpretation of many people will be that the business doesn't even know what she does, so why patronize them? The situation will become worse if the wrong design or contents is sent at the wrong time.


Airbnb send an beautifully designed ad the problem is that it was sent when Hurricane Harvey was destroying Houston.


Adidas send this email during the Boston Bombing in 2013.

Sending Grammatical Blunders


It is important to do a thorough crosscheck in order to prevent sending tons of grammatical blunders to your clients. Imagine sending "Dead John" rather than sending "Dear John". I am sure the client will not be impressed. In fact, there is the likelihood of losing such client.

Avoid Email Marketing Mistakes by Trying Something New

Today, bulk SMS Marketing plays a pivotal role in advertisements and selling of products and services. This is because of the numerous benefits associated with it. These benefits include higher open rates, speed and flexibility, low cost with higher Return On Investment (ROI), highly targeted, personalization, higher success rate, helps get your brand known immediately, pass your message on point, higher call to action rate and many more.

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