5 Cool Car Gadgets to Improve Your Daily Commute


Cars help reduce the stress man undergo when it comes to moving from one location to another. However, despite the sophisticated techniques employed in designing them, there is always room for improvement or upgrade that will allow the car to perform accessory functions.

These functions are only possible when car gadgets are incorporated with the cars. Here are 5 cool car gadgets that will help improve your everyday commute.

VAVA Smart Dash Cam

(Photo : VAVA Smart Dash Cam)

One of the best cool car gadgets you should get for your car is VAVA Smart Dash Cam. Some of its specifications include a crystal clear 1080p 60fps HD video, swivel 360 design, built-in microphone, Wi-Fi Channel, Mobile App and many more. All these enhance the functions of the gadget by allowing dual usage (day and night), footage capture etc.

Philips GoPure Compact Car Air Purifier

(Photo : Philips GoPure Compact Car Air Purifier)

Bacteria are microorganisms that are found in all most all areas including car. That is why the above cool car gadget was produced with the aim of removing bacteria, dust, pollen, etc from your car. It also helps remove the smell of nicotine.

Garmin Speak Plus Alexa Dashboard Camera

(Photo : Garmin Speak Plus Alexa Dashboard Camera)

The gadget is known to make use of your voice as its command. It offers various directions, thereby easing movement. Additionally, it allows assess to Amazon Alexa via the wireless feature.

Nonda Zus HD Car Music Adapter

(Photo : Nonda Zus HD Car Music Adapter)

As the name implies, it will be plugged into your car directly thereby giving access to your music using a wireless connection. One unique feature is that it works perfectly with the car of any models or makes. It even comes with a remote for easy control.

Anker Roav Bolt Google Assistant Car Device

(Photo : Anker Roav Bolt Google Assistant Car Device)

The gadget was designed to assist in getting directions and other functions like making calls, streaming music etc. All these are done without taking a finger. Thanks to Google Assistant that does all the needful. Once activated with the word 'OK Google', it instantly offers it's assistance.

Try any of these car gadgets and have your commute improved. Like humans, cars needs maintenance. For quality parts for goodprice visit

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