30 Mind-Blowing Facts Every Fan Should Know About The Stone Roses


The Stone Roses, one of the pioneering groups of the Madchester movement in the late 1980s and early 1990s, currently consists of vocalist Ian Brown, guitarist John Squire, bassist Mani and drummer Reni. Here are some really unique things to know about the English rock band:

  1.  The band first disbanded after several lineup changes, first with Reni departing in early 1995, which was followed by Squire in April 1996.
  2.  Later, in October 1996, Brown and Mani dissolved the remains of the group, just after their appearance at Reading Festival.
  3.  On October 18, 2011, the band again called for a press conference to announce that the band had reunited and would perform a reunion world tour in 2012, including three homecoming shows in Heaton Park, Manchester.
  4.  Shane Meadows has reportedly directed a a documentary about the band's reformation titled "The Stone Roses: Made of Stone," which was released in June 2013.
  5.  After more than two decades, the reunited band released their first new release, "All for One," which debuted on Annie Mac's BBC Radio 1 show.
  6.  The single was then released on the Stone Roses Vevo channel on YouTube, accompanied by an image of the song's title with a cut lemon representing the letter "O" of "One."
  7.  The said song peaked at number 17 in the UK Singles Charts, while it was at the number 3 position in the Scotland Charts.
  8.  However, it has been widely noted that the song's main guitar part bears a close resemblance to that of The Fall's song "Squid Lord."
  9.  Throughout the band's history, Lemon fruit has come to be associated with the band, appearing on previous release cover art, in lyrics of "Bye Bye Badman," as part of ticket designs, on posters and in teasers of upcoming announcements.
  10.  This is said to be inspired by a story narrated by a traveler to Ian Brown, about how lemons had been used as an antidote to tear gas in the riots.
  11.  A month later, the band released their second single "Beautiful Thing," on their YouTube channel, with a simple image of a green butterfly accompanying the track.
  12.  The song's lyrics were reportedly a reaction to the negative social media and journalistic reaction to its predecessor, in particular by musicians and journalists.
  13.  The "Beautiful Thing" was described as "seven minutes of splendid shuffling psychedelic monster acid rock funk" by Neil McCormick, in a review for The Daily Telegraph.
  14.  Their debut album "The Stone Roses" which was released in May 1989 by Silvertone Records, was not an immediate success, but became popular with the band's high-profile concert performances.
  15.  The said album is considered as a breakthrough success for the band and garnered critical acclaim, with critics regarding it as one of the greatest British albums ever recorded.
  16.  The album was produced with John Leckie, who had worked with Pink Floyd on "Meddle," recorded primarily at Battery Studios in London, with additional sessions at Konk and Rockfield Studios.
  17.  It was reported that Stone Roses "virtually invented 'Madchester' and built a template for Brit-pop" with their debut album.
  18.  The album's cover, a work of John Squire, was named by Q magazine as one of "The 100 Best Record Covers of All Time."
  19.  The self-titled album was described by Rolling Stone's David Fricke as "a blast of magnificent arrogance, a fusion of Sixties-pop sparkle and the blown-mind drive of U.K. rave culture."
  20.  According to BBC Music's Chris Jones, the album serves as a peerless testament to the fusion of rock and dance music inspired by "working class hedonism" at the end of the 1980s.
  21.  The album was named the second greatest album of all time in a "Music of the Millennium" poll conducted by HMV, Channel 4, The Guardian and Classic FM, in the year 1997.
  22.  The album was placed at number 4 by the Q magazine readers in the year 1998, and two years later, it was placed at number 29 in the magazine's list of the "100 Greatest British Albums Ever.
  23.  The band, for "The Stone Roses" album, received the "greatest album ever" award at the NME Premier Awards show, in the year 2000.
  24.  The album also topped the NME Magazine's list of "100 Greatest British Albums Ever," in the year 2006. While Time Magazine named it one of "The All-TIME 100 Albums" the same year.
  25.  The said album was ranked at #78 on the Spin Magazine's list of the "100 greatest albums of the past twenty years," in the year 2005.
  26.  Their second studio album "Second Coming," released in the year 1994, was said to be dedicated to Philip Hall, the band's publicist, who died of cancer in the year 1993.
  27.  During the band's fifteen year split, the members Brown, Squire and Mani had successful careers, while Reni remained inactive for the most part after the Roses' breakup.
  28.  Following the announcement of homecoming shows at Heaton Park, Manchester, 150,000 tickets for the two Heaton Park shows sold out in 14 minutes, leading to the band announcing a third show at the venue.
  29.  The band, since their formation and even after their reformation, have displayed no interest in promoting themselves, and have always been notably different from other bands, providing only a few interviews.
  30.  The Stone Roses played at Hampden Park in Glasgow on June 24, 2017. During the performance Brown is said to have addressed the crowd with the statement: "Don't be sad that it's over, be happy that it happened," which led to many speculating that the performance to be their final concert.
  31.  Ian Brown Net Worth: $8 Million

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