10 Bizzare topics that optimize your SEO

According to research, SEO topics are proof of a recent shift to a more semantic search, which means it's not only enough to place the proper keywords within your content. Topic-oriented content gives more room for production of fresh blog posts, unlike the restrictive methodology of keywords strategy. 

Weird and bizarre topics make for excellent evergreen content, which makes them a perfect way to attract readers on a long-term basis. That's why we are going to let you in on 10 bizarre blog post ideas that should help you with your SEO game.

Strange inventions

We're not talking about selfie stick, no matter how weird that thing might be. We're talking about Japanese quiz show level weird inventions, like a little robot that fits onto your head, feeding you tomatoes while you run. Yup, something like that exists, and it attracts serious online attention. Take a look here.

"Beleive it or not" topics

A century ago Robert Ripley started describing strange places and events, as well as objects and sorts of unbelievable stories from all over the world. More than a hundred years later, Ripley's Believe it or not draws the attention of their blog readers and museum visitors. The world is full of interesting stories, and sharing them with the rest of the community is the best way to promote your blog and build your brand.

Top weird lists

As Edu Birdie states, top list articles are among the most popular on the internet, and this trend is far from losing its potency. Writing about top weird events, devices, brands, designs, or anything else that doesn't fit the "normal" is an amazing way to attract more readers to your blog. A good example to look up to is Oddee, which is a website dedicated to a wide array of odd and unusual topics.

Bizarre animal stories

Animals are a popular topic on the internet for as long as people can send funny cat videos to their friends. However, publishing original content that depicts animals in strange and obscure situations is probably the best way to bring to your website both animal lovers and weirdoes. It's also a good way to engage the audience in the comment section because there will always be those who don't support the use of animals for promotional purposes.

Weird stories about pop culture

Not sure if there is a professional term for this niche, but this type of blogging surely deserves one. Websites like a weird worm and similar publishers are making their living on producing strange and weird stories regarding pop culture, famous actors and music stars. As well as regular haunted house stories, and places you don't want to spend a night in.

Exotic tourist destinations

One man's weird is another man's exotic, it all depends on how openminded we are. Travel blogs are interesting enough, however, spice it up by adding places that serve monkey brain for lunch or organized tours to a place where the fire never stops burning and you'll have more visitors than you could ever hope for. A word of caution, when you're describing weird and unusual places, don't mention Island, they don't like it.

Strange rulers

Writing about rulers who've had unusual taste in food and strange views of human rights would most definitely bring in a lot of students need an assistance with essay writing and they are researching difficult essay topics. Nevertheless, history is full of rulers with bizarre habits, which makes this niche a spring of evergreen topics that will attract the readers for a long time.

Bizarre sex toys

When it comes to sex, we all like it a bit kinky from time to time, or regularly, no judgment. However, if you tried hard enough, you could see that the internet is full of some really strange sex toys and equipment, some of which would amaze even the hardcore S&M fans. Even if they would not try it, a lot of people would visit your site to read about some of these strange sex aids.

Paranormal events

Dedicate your blog to unexplainable events and you'll see people hurling to your page asking for more content. Just think about the X files TV show and its enormous success all over the world. People will always be attracted to things which are beyond their comprehension, and the posts you publish today could be attractive years after.

Weird futurism

It's always interesting to see how people in the 30s or the 50s imagined the future of our planet. If you dig deep enough, you'll find futuristic designs made in the early years of the 20th century that are simply weird and seem useless from our perspective. Share your finding with the rest of the online community to expand your reach and build an army of followers.


These were some of the most interesting bizarre topics you could use to bring more audience to your website. Topic-oriented content is the new way of bringing your brand closer to the audience. Use these topics as inspiration to build your brand identity and produce evergreen content.


Robert Everett is a content writer engaged with several online publishers. Robert aims to write useful and engaging content for a versatile audience. His work includes the creation of content that brings value and practical information the readers can benefit from.

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