Why Pattaya is an Amazing Place for a Girl Trip?


Whether you are a homemaker who needs a break from an exhausting routine, a soon-to-be-bride who is planning a bachelorette trip, or a young student who intends to have a break and have some real fun with your girl pals, a girl trip is a must-have experience. It brings you so much in terms of spiritual liberties, mental relaxation and retreat from the exhausting lifestyles, along with a memorable bond with your girlies, that makes it worth every penny.

Planning a perfect girl trip can be a tad bit trickier since most women are concerned about issues such as safety and budget constraints. If you are looking for a place that is fun, happening, safe and economical, no destination on earth can beat Thailand. It has quite a lot to offer for the costs it incurs, which makes it an amazing destination. Although Thailand is quite diverse, Pattaya is highly recommended if you are on a budget and planning an all-girl trip. Here are a few reasons why you should consider Pattaya for your next party place.

Close Proximity to the Capital

Despite being a beach town, Pattaya manages to get an edge over other more distant islands due to its close proximity to the capital. Since Bangkok is the primary entry and exit point for most tourists traveling to Thailand, you can easily make your way to Pattaya in barely three hours by road. Although car rentals are quite cheap in Thailand, you can catch a bus from the airport to Pattaya town to save a few more bucks. Needless to say, unlike other beach destinations in the country, Pattaya saves you a lot of travel time and costs.

Range of Accommodation

Pattaya has a multitude of accommodation options for people of all budget and preferences. The exchange rate parity between western currencies and Thai Baht makes even the high-end resorts quite affordable for western tourists. Although there is everything from an exotic beach resort to hostels and motels in the town, you can even find some super cozy home rentals for an extra dose of privacy and comfort on a budget. Airbnb will be your best friend in that case.

Attractions and Activities

Do not get intimidated by all the notorious things that people tell you about Pattaya, Pattaya attractions are some of the best ones that you can find in South Asia. From thrilling water and amusement parks to enthralling ancient Buddhist temples, elephant trekking through breathtakingly beautiful rainforests, and an amazing wildlife and ocean safari are some of the key attractions that this town has to offer. Besides that pristine beaches and a trip to the much exotic coral island is not something that should be missed. For an extra dose of adrenaline, you can head for a Tandem Jump from 14000 feet, which is also the cheapest skydiving facility in the world.

Shopping and Food

A girl trip is incomplete without good food and shopping options and Pattaya caters to that quite effectively. Super cheap shopping, scrumptious fine dine and street food options and happening clubs and bars are something that Pattaya is famous for.

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