Quick Tips for a Cleaner Wristwatch

Quick Tips for a Cleaner Wristwatch
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New shirts... new pants...  new shoes... you change every piece of your daily wear every day, except for one thing: your wristwatch. 

Let's admit, most of us don't care much about the cleanliness of our watches. 

Wiping it once a month is not enough. Watches, especially the luxury ones you bought from, can serve as your heirloom. However, what would your heir tell you if you pass them your watch with rusts and cheesy smell? 

Practice proper maintenance for your watches as early as now. Here are some quick tips for a cleaner wristwatch:

Nighttime cleaning routine

After your daily nighttime skincare routine, allot a few minutes from your time to take care of your watch. 

Similar to how your skin gets tired from a long polluted summer day, your watch feels the same. It is always exposed to sweat, heat, liquid spills, and dirt. 

Use a clean, soft cloth to gently wipe the inside of the band. This way, excess moisture, and cream and lotion build-ups that the watch has acquired will be removed. 

Accessories, such as watches, bracelets, and rings, are prone to greases brought by skin perspiration. Sweat can rust even a stainless luxury timekeeper. Practice the habit of cleaning your watches every night before the obvious signs of dirt and gunks appear. 

Clean with dishwashing liquid

It is a golden rule to avoid cleaning timekeepers with any chemical-based cleaning products. 

Chemical products can damage the watch. For a safer and more convenient way of watch-cleaning, visit your kitchen and pick up any dishwashing liquid. Soap dishes are made to fight against greases, they have less alcohol content that is suitable for cleaning fluorocarbon-based synthetic rubbers, commonly known on Apple Watch bands. 

Follow this simple procedure on how to clean your watch with dish soaps:

  • Prepare two bowls: one with warm water, and the other one with warm soapy water mixed with a minimal amount of antibacterial dish soap.

  • Dip the strap of your watch carefully into the warm soapy water for about 15-20 seconds. Make sure to hold the watch case to protect it from water, especially if it's not water-resistant.

  • Take the strap out of water. Using a clean soft tiny brush, scrub the strap gently, especially the crannies.

  • Dip and rinse the strap into the clean warm water then dry it by gently patting with a soft cloth. 

Pay extra attention to the crevices and make sure the whole band is dry before you wear the watch again. 

Additional tip: You can use a hairdryer on a low heat setting to dry the watch. 

Avoid too much sun exposure

Too much ultraviolet rays are always unhealthy, even for our cherished wristwatches. UV rays can lead to discoloration or color fading of the watch. Battery life is also at great risk. 

Limit your time under the extreme heat of the sun, you will not only protect your skin and well-being but also your watch's robustness. If you are not wearing a wristwatch, make sure to store it in a cool dry place. 

Put it in a proper storage

Similar to jewelry, your watch collection should have a designated storage, away from anything that may scratch or damage them. Don't just drop the watch on your dressers or drawers.

If you still have the box of each watch that you have, store them there. They are meant to safe keep the watch, anyway. 

Trust the professionals

If you bought your watch from a trusted brand and seller, they most likely offer warranty services. Some last for a certain period, while others are for a lifetime, as long as you keep your receipt and purchase proofs. 

If your watch needs some repair, don't be your own technician. Visit your brand's store and have it checked by their professional watch technicians. 

Watch repair services come with a free cleaning, too. Hence, you are guaranteed that your watch will come back to you in damage-free, clean, and like-new condition. 

These are just some helpful tips for your watch maintenance. It is also better to read the manual and research more about your wristwatch's type so you would know the do's and don'ts in using it. This way, you can enjoy using your timekeeper and make more wonderful memories!

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