Six Places To Visit Before You Die

Six Places To Visit Before You Die
(Photo : Six Places To Visit Before You Die)

Vacations are some of the most special times of our lives, but some destinations are more memorable than others. If you're writing your bucket list of places to visit before you die, these six locations should definitely be on it. 

Thailand - Phi Phi Islands

Over the past few years, more tourists than ever before have started to visit Thailand's Phi Phi Islands thanks to their beautiful beaches, crystal clear water and stunning natural beauty. This six island group is one of the most ancient communities in the country, dating right back to prehistory. One of the top activities to enjoy here is scuba diving. Those who try diving here are amazed by the array of marine life on display. Leopard sharks, reef sharks and dolphins are just some of the creatures you'll see on your underwater adventures. You're sure to have more fun when you're in the water, but there's a lot to do on land too from exploring the stunning landscape to enjoying the delicious local seafood.

Greece, Santorini

The stunning Greek island of Santorini has long been a vacation hotspot, famous for its spectacular panoramas, inspiring sunsets and beautiful pebble beaches. The island is full of traditional villages with their classic white and blue architecture. You can explore authentic wineries, ancient ruins and black sand beaches while also enjoying seafood in the local tavernas and cafes.

Peru, Machu Picchu

One destination which should be on everyone's bucket list is Machu Picchu. Those who discover the Inca Trail are always impressed, and thanks to the location high up in the Andes mountain range, the views from this UNESCO World Heritage Site are truly stunning. The ruins here are what everyone comes to see, but there are other wonderful excursions to enjoy too including treks through the Inca Jungle and zip lining, biking, rafting and hiking. You'll need to make sure you take all the right equipment for you on this vacation, so see our guide to make sure that you're well prepared before setting off. 

The USA, Grand Canyon

Of all the amazing sights to discover in the USA, and there are plenty, the Grand Canyon has to be one of the best and most famous. Stretching out over 200 miles of landscape, the Grand Canyon was originally carved out over thousands of years by the Colorado River. Today, it remains one of the most stunning geological wonders anywhere on the globe. You'll see massive rock formations and gorges, and you can hike along the rim to the bottom for a once in a lifetime experience. Why not take a whitewater rafting trip on the Colorado River or fly over the Canyon in a helicopter. Whatever you do, it's sure to be an experience that will bring you memories to last a lifetime.

Italy, Amalfi Coast

If you were to imagine the landscape of Italy, it would probably be the romance of the Amalfi Coast in the South of the country that you would think of first. The town of Positano is famous for its lovely Medieval architecture as well as its pretty pastel-colored houses which are colorful and iconic. You'll also enjoy some of the very best Italian food anywhere in the country here and you'll be able to sample the famous local liqueur - limoncello - which is served regularly at the end of a meal.


One of the least visited places on the planet is Antarctica but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be on your bucket list. In fact, that's the very reason why you should make the effort to come here at least once before you die. The Aurora Borealis may be more famous than the Southern Lights or Aurora Australis, but that doesn't make the Antarctic version of the Northern Lights any less spectacular. Only visible from Antarctica, the Southern Lights appear as a glowing red or green curtain of light gracing the dark of the night sky. If you're a keen photographer, you're sure to love the opportunity to snap this phenomenon.

These are just six of the best places on the planet to visit as a tourist. Make sure to put them on your must-see list!

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