Criteria to Choose the Best Essay Writing Service

Criteria to Choose the Best Essay Writing Service
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Today, you can find anything you could imagine on the internet, and it is not limited to mail-order goods. There are ways to find help even when you urgently need to write an essay by tomorrow, and this matter is just as uncompromisable as being hungry. Similarly, writing an essay is like getting something to eat: there are several options you can take, and each will require a different amount of either time, effort, or money. Nonetheless, your experience will also be different in this case. 

The DIY option

Clearly, you can write your essay just as you can cook your own meal. As a bonus to the result, you will taste the pride of doing it by yourself. It can be an adventurous evening: roaming a supermarket for all the ingredients, choosing the background music, preparation, eating, and endless dishwashing. It is a lot of fun, as you learn to cook a new dish, but it is always challenging if you are not a professional cook. In academic writing, it is quite the same. You cannot do it yourself if you do not have time, although it can be a great weekend activity. 

The supermarket option

If you do not have the time to cook it yourself, the fastest option is buying something cooked in a supermarket. In fact, this option works with essays as well. There are websites where you can purchase a pre-written essay on the topic you study. As all the items there are already written, all the time you will spend on it is to make a choice. However, there are many inconveniences and dangers related to buying something ready-made. 

The paper may not match your topic perfectly or have a perspective that is different from yours. Also, the details of such essays are different from those you receive individually. Pre-written essays without particular instructions are generic and generalized. Besides, its length, format, and number of sources may be different from those you need. But, just like in a supermarket, you take what they have remaining with no opportunity to change the sauce.

However, the fishiest thing about pre-written papers is the fact that you do not know whether it is fully original or if anybody has bought the same essay before. Besides, such essays are displayed on the internet, so it can also create a match through plagiarism-detection software. 

The custom option

If you are not in an extreme hurry and want to enjoy your meal, you can go to a restaurant and have it cooked for you. If you have a favorite food but are allergic to any of the ingredients, you can just say it, and they will not appear on your plate. After a short wait, it will come to you warm and tasty. In fact, this is how custom writing services work. If you have at least a night to complete an essay and you cannot do it yourself, the optimal solution is to get it done for you, and here is why:

  • Writing from scratch

A custom writing service does not have pre-written works. Your writer starts working on your order only when you give all the requirements for the paper you want. It is easy to do in the order form. Therefore, you are in control of every aspect of the paper you will eventually receive as well as the time in which you need to receive it. If you need the writer to add something particular, you can contact him or her while the work is in progress.  

  • Revisions and refunds

If the paper you receive is not the way you expected and as articulated in the requirements, you can get it revised for free until it is. All you need to do is point out what is wrong with the essay, and you will not need to make the corrections by yourself. Moreover, if you are disappointed with the result, you can get a refund for the order simply by telling the reason you do not want the essay. 

  • No plagiarism

All the custom-written papers are fully original. The writers start the work only when they have a definite idea of what and how much they need to write. Then, they do research and word everything originally. If they use sources of information for your essay, they will acknowledge and cite the authors in the academic format you requested. Additionally, every work gets checked with a plagiarism-detection system before being delivered to you. The service does it to make sure there are no accidental matches in the essays. 

  • Support working 24/7

You can order your essay at any time, even if it is late at night and your computer is broken. The support team and the writers work non-stop, so you do not need to wait until business hours to place an order or to talk to the service about its details. If you have questions or notes and your writer is not available at the moment, the support team will make sure he or she receives your message when they are. 

  • Additional services

Along with an essay, you can get presentation slides, graphs, and illustrations for it, or digital copies of the sources used for the research. Just note that in the order form, and you will receive those along with the paper. Also, you can get those revised for free if anything is not like you expected it would be. 

There is no universal way to find the ultimate writing service. Everything depends on your needs, expectations, and the time you have for it. But the best option is to look for a professional writing company that creates papers from scratch, like CustomWritings, an essay writing service with ENL academic writers. In this case, you are in control of every aspect of the work and have a professional that can help you out, whatever the topic and the deadline are. 

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