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Shopping in the mall is fun-- until you have to think about the traffic that you have to get into before going there and the long lines that you have to take for you to pay. But now in our modern and technological world, online shops are now readily available for use in just one click. 

Amazon is an online shopping company that provides customers with quality items online. Via their website and mobile app, you can easily do your groceries and shopping in just one click of your finger. This is very convenient especially to everyone who doesn't have the time to go out and shop. 

However, online shopping can be a very tricky thing to do. You need to be mindful of the prices, discounts, and how much of a difference is it (by price) if you purchase an item from Amazon. Although Amazon tends to launch tons of sales yearly and even has it's Prime Day, you should be wise enough to play the shopping game. 

Whether you're new or already a loyal customer to Amazon, you should be knowledgeable about all the secret perks in Amazon. This includes coupons, extra discounts, and Amazon gift cards that you don't even know it exists-- and it's for free! To help you get through, here are some tips and guidelines on how to get the most out of Amazon deals. Make sure you read this article before you click an item and add it to your cart because this might help you save more money.

  • Amazon's Today's Deal Page. when you first go to Amazon's website, make it a habit to visit Today's Deal's page first. Here you can see all the daily savings that you can get if you purchase items under this page. Today's Deal is updated daily and hourly, so it's important to check out deals here from time to time. This is the best place to start your shopping because you'll be able to ensure you are getting the best price possible without missing some of the biggest items on sale.

  • Amazon's Outlet Stores. Going to Amazon's website is like going on a trip to your local outlet mall. But, instead of getting into your car and falling in line in the register to pay an item, Amazon has it all. From shoes and clothing to electronics and home appliances, you surely can get anything of any brand in Amazon.

  • Trade unwanted items for cash. If you have items at home, may it be a phone, camera, video games, or perhaps a book, that is in good condition, you can have it exchanged in Amazon for a gift card.

  • Students can also save. Students are eligible for a six-month free trial of Amazon Prime. Once the trial months are over, they can get Amazon Prime membership for only $59 per month, which is 50% off the standard membership price, for the next four years. 

  • Prime benefits can be shared. Your household members can use your Prime membership and use its benefits, such as free shipping and free video streaming. 

  • Gift shopping is easier and more convenient. With tons of deals offered almost every 24 hours, you can get anything in Amazon in one click. If you're unsure what gift to get for a friend or relative, Amazon has its own wish lists and suggestions that you can look into.


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