7 Alexa-Enabled Speakers You Should Get

Are you looking for speakers that are portable and can connect to Alexa and other devices? There are a lot of items available on Amazon, start browsing and shop now!

This portable smart speaker has an outstanding sound that makes precision acoustic stereo drivers. Combined with patent full-room technology, and it delivers a 360°room-filling projection and a space sensing technology that will adjust EQ automatically to ensure the best experience. It is Alexa built-in that lets you ask Alexa for a song, genre from music, or play audiobooks, radio stations. Zip Mini 2 will answer your questions, read the news, report the weather, set alarms, timers, and more. It is available in colors deep lagoon, black, green, gray, and red.

Libratone Zipp Mini 2 Portable Smart Speaker with Amazon Alexa Built-in
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This speaker has Multi-room Audio that connects additional 808 xl-v smart speakers in other parts of the home and stream music everywhere at the same time or uses for surround sound. You can also enjoy music wirelessly over wifi from your favorite streaming service or directly from your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. It has an audio that provide room-filling, deeply stereo sound, delivers vocals and its reflex port enhances the speaker output for deeper tones without distortion. It is voice operated that can connect to Alexaautomatically, it gives information, music, news, sports scores, weather, and more.

808 SPAL1GM Alexa Bluetooth Smart Speaker
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GGMM E3 Speaker is equipped with 2x2.5" full frequency speaker drivers and 2x3" bass reinforce passive radiators. This wireless wifi & Bluetooth Speaker could provide you with the right balance of bass, mid-tones, and treble frequencies; it will bring you the true and best music.

GGMM E3 Bluetooth WiFi Speaker Alexa Built-in Alexa Speaker
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It is a multifunction smart speaker, and it lets you enjoy streaming music from Spotify, iHeartRadio, Amazon Music Channel, Pandora, SiriusXM, TuneIn, and many more, in one compact stereo system. And you can control it via Bluetooth or voice, and it also works with all Alexa skills.

Cavalier Air Bluetooth Plus WiFi Home Speaker with LED Clock,
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It has Alexa Voice Service, it's just tapping the speaker to ask Alexa a question. You can also connect it to your home wifi network for seamless integration, or connect your speaker via Bluetooth for quick on-the-go use.

JAM Voice Portable Wifi and Bluetooth Speaker with Amazon Alexa, Stream Music
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With this speaker, use Alexa whenever connected to wifi or a mobile hotspot or stream music via Bluetooth, you can also update your speaker via the app as new features become available. Never worry about going easy on it, your music will always be on point because it is waterproof and virtually indestructible.

Ultimate Ears MEGABLAST Portable Waterproof Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Speaker with Hands-Free Amazon Alexa Voice Control
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The echo speaker can connect to Alexa. A voice operated service, that can play music, making calls, set alarms, ask questions, provide information, check the weather, manage to-do and shopping lists, control smart home devices, and more. You can also use the Echo as a Bluetooth speaker to play music from your collection or other services. It also has hands-free calling or messaging with other Echo devices or the Alexa App. Also, you can quickly connect to other Echo devices in rooms throughout your home using just your voice.

Echo (2nd Generation) International Version – Charcoal Fabric
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