11 Cool Gadgets and Gift Ideas for 2019

11 Cool Gadgets and Gift Ideas for 2019
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Are you a gadget freak that likes to collect cool tech products every now and then? Gone are the days when you received gift cards and clichéd bouquets as presents. It is almost 2020 and we are all becoming heavily tech-savvy. With the wide range of technological innovations and rising demand for useful gadgets, it would be a wonderful idea to give gadgets as presents that are extremely useful and aren't too expensive. To help you choose a sensible present for your friends and family, we have a few gift ideas that you can consider.

1. Drones

Initially perceived as a cool toy, drones are now useful in conducting professional photography or video shoots, using attached cameras and additional features. These aren't too expensive, and the battery lasts for a long time. Operated with a remote controller, drones are extensively used in professional photography studios for outdoor and panoramic shooting. 

2. Wireless Portable Charger

A portable charger keeps your devices charged on the go, especially if you aren't able to access a plug point at any place. Usually lasting a couple of hours and charging more than one device at a time, a portable charger has actually become a necessity for everyone.

3. Portable Safe

This anti-theft pouch is a perfect present for someone who travels a lot or is careless with their belongings. You can store important things like your phone, wallet, money, and passport in a pouch that ensures safety. The locking system is particularly designed to keep it tight, and the five-layered slash-resistant material keeps it safe from knife attacks and slash robberies.

4. Sleep Monitor

This device controls your sleeping patterns by monitoring your breathing through LED lights. The design is usually enclosed in a small disc that projects a light on the ceiling and expects you to follow the breathing pattern accordingly. It ensures deep sleep and can even help alleviate issues like insomnia.

5. Space Cooler

A lot of people cannot afford the expensive services and bills of air conditioners and thus prefer to stay uncomfortable during the summer months. You can gift a space cooler that can seamlessly replace an air conditioner. Tech gurus at American Inventor Spot suggest buying a portable space cooler that reaches up to an area of 45 square feet. It's useful in offices, living rooms, and even during outings like picnics or outdoor parties! 

6. Portable Speaker

11 Cool Gadgets and Gift Ideas for 2019
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A portable speaker is a perfect present for all music lovers. With wireless connectivity and long lasting battery life, most of the portable speakers today are waterproof and offer an impeccable bass performance. You can also carry it with you easily in your purse or bag.

7. Robot Mop

Cleanliness is important, so why don't we just let the robots do it for us? With a pad system and a jet spray, a robot mop and cleaner will keep your floors sparkly clean without having to give a command. It possesses smart home connectivity and uses a battery.

8. Tiny Projector

A tiny projector is also portable and can be carried anywhere with you so that you don't miss out on the entertainment. Most of the portable projectors today have an HD resolution feature with wireless connectivity and a battery that has a long life. 

9. Wireless Photo Printer

 A wireless photo printer is a modern device that uses a traditional concept of printing photos on the go. It is extremely easy to use by pairing it with your smartphone. You can print photos up to the size of 2 to 3 inches with a peel-and-stick backing.

10. Virtual Reality Headset

This device has the purpose of enabling you to watch your favorite TV shows, movies, and sports in a 360-degree view. The concept of virtual reality makes you feel alive and present within the scenario, elevating your experience as a viewer. With newer models coming up, virtual reality headsets are getting extremely inexpensive.

11. E-book Reader

If you know someone who is constantly traveling, but cannot leave their books behind, it's wise to gift them an e-book reader. Newer models are extremely sleek and light in weight, making them easy to carry and serve their purpose. With thousands of books packed into one small device, you no longer have to carry a load of multiple books while traveling.

We're sure that these cool gadget ideas would be liked and appreciated by your friends and family. While most of these are useful, some can improve the quality of your lifestyle with their many benefits. Also, none of these are expensive and won't break the bank.

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