The Relationship Between Synthetic Urine and Diabetes

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There are lots of people who think they are going to face drug tests in the future. Some of the possible reasons an individual may have to take a drug test include work requirements, as a stipulation of hiring, and even for law enforcement purposes. When it comes to workplace urine tests, these can be used to look for much more than just drugs. Another common reason why someone might have to take a drug test is to look for certain medical conditions. These include signs of liver disease, kidney disease, and even diabetes. It is important for everyone to read the guide on

If someone has diabetes, signs of this condition may show up in the urine. First, diabetes is a disease that impacts the body's ability to regulate glucose levels using insulin. With proper levels of insulin, the body's glucose levels are going to climb. This excess glucose will be excreted in the urine. Therefore, a urine sample provided by someone who has diabetes will have glucose present.

In addition, without insulin, the body will be unable to use glucose as a source of energy. Therefore, the body will start to breakdown fat instead. When the body breaks down fat, it is going to produce substances called ketones. These ketones will be present in the urine sample as well. If ketones are present in the urine, this is a sign that someone has diabetes.

Finally, a urine sample from someone with diabetes may also test positive for protein. Typically, protein should not be present in the urine because the kidneys should block protein from entering the urine; however, with diabetes, someone may have kidney damage. When the kidneys have been damaged, they are unable to keep protein out of the urine. Because of this, a urine sample from someone with diabetes may have protein.

When someone is facing a urine test for hiring purposes, he or she may want to use synthetic urine to avoid producing a sample that might look like it came from someone with diabetes. Unfortunately, regardless of legal consequences, some employers may not want to hire someone who has diabetes because they're worried the medical condition might impact their ability to do their job. People with diabetes are still capable of carrying at their job at a high level. Synthetic urine is a fast and easy way to avoid this type of illegal employment discrimination. By providing clean, synthetic urine, someone can make sure glucose, ketones, and protein are not present in the urine sample.

When someone knows about the common signs of diabetes in urine, they can tailor their urine sample to test clean for both drugs as well as other medical conditions. Anyone who is facing a hiring urine test in the future will want to make sure their urine is as clean as possible. While this means producing urine that is free from recreational and illicit drugs, this also means producing a urine sample that looks healthy as well.

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