How to Rebuild Your Wardrobe Without Breaking Your Budget

How to Rebuild Your Wardrobe Without Breaking Your Budget
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Starting a wardrobe over from scratch, or at least changing things up drastically, is exciting but unfortunately also costly. There are great ways to overhaul your look without breaking your budget. There are also many more options for a wardrobe overhaul than there ever has been.

Thanks to the internet, new or used clothing has taken on a much bigger role in forming a sense of identity through our clothing choices. Resellers, marketplaces, and online stores offers us exponential choices for changing up our looks.

If you need help revamping your wardrobe without going over budget, check out these tips:

1. Use Rebates or Cash Back Sites


Buying new clothes online can be expensive, but there are ways to make it worth it. Some wholesale sites offer rebates, while there are other sites that offer coupons and deals. Getting designer clothing new is expensive, but with a ssense cashback option you can receive a percentage back on what you spend. This is helpful because it gives incentive for purchasing from those same sites, and a percentage of clothing that is already priced high can help long term.

2. Buy Vintage or Used Clothing


Vintage clothing, or thrifting, is not a new phenomenon. In fact, it has been popular for decades. What has changed is that it is much easier to do now that online vintage marketplaces are much easier to access, provide a larger range of clothing, and allow for us to connect with more people in similar niche communities. If you want to trade clothing, you can even do that, so your old shirts or pants go towards a good home. You receive something back in exchange which saves you money.

3. Make a Budget


Short and sweet is this tip. Simply make a budget when you want to overhaul your closet and wardrobe and stick to it. The best way to not overspend is to give yourself a limit and stay within it. Likewise, if you are buying at a physical store, use cash and try to avoid racking up a credit card bill.

4. Recycle Clothing


Make a craft out of recycling your clothing by making fun new patterns or looks out of them. You can chop up old stuff that you know you might not get any money for if you resell, and make an entirely new article of clothing out of it. This tip requires a little bit of crafting skill, but it can help you see your old clothes in a new light.



Rebuilding a wardrobe on a budget is much easier than it sounds now that the internet exists too. While vintage or thrift stores have remained a constant, and have even seen a massive resurgence in popularity, the internet has allowed us to create a new identity through our clothing and shed our old wardrobe without breaking the bank or going over budget. By using rebates or purchasing used clothing, we can create an entirely new wardrobe that does not require a huge chunk of cash to accomplish it.

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