Best ISPs for Seniors in Their Daily Routines!

Best ISPs for seniors in their daily routines!
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The world is rapidly advancing forward in the modern world. This advance is particularly prominent for our veterans and the elderly since they have seen things changing in front of their very eyes. This is also a reason why the internet as a commodity holds a major fascination for them. Although their expectations from an internet connection might not be that demanding, they still need something that never goes offline.

We have found that a number of ISP's offer special discounts and packages to facilitate the elderly in their need for online connectivity. An important factor here is that ISPs do tend to realize that the general older population makes their livelihood through pension or part-time jobs, so their income brackets are not that handsome. Speaking of the US in particular, the discounted offers start around the age bracket of 55 and extends forwards from thereon. There are also the AARP offers to take into consideration that can offer internet by annually paying 16$. Not just that, AARP also offers access to comprehensive discounts on traveling, food, clothing etc. to the elderly therefore it is quite beneficial that you look into the AARP eligibility setup.

In this article, we tend to highlight some of the top providers offering discounts above a certain age bracket and the discounts they offer.  So without further ado, let us begin with our list.

  • Spectrum

Among the handful of providers that offers meaningful discounts for the seniors, Charter Spectrum takes the highlight. The company offers a dedicated senior program under the title of Spectrum Internet Assist. This program applies to any family that has at least one family member above the age of 65 attached to the SSI (Supplementary Security Income) program. Through this program, they can enjoy unlimited blazing-fast internet and free modem provided that they chose a program that at least amounts to 14.99$/month. Programs like this are not advertised openly so make sure that after going through Spectrum internet packages, you look into this program from their official website.

  • Verizon Wireless internet

Verizon is also among the few that offer decent discounts for the elderly. The applicable age for their program is also 65 years but what's different here is that it is only eligible for their existing customer base. This program comes under the title 'Nationwide 65 Plus' and offers attractive prices over different connectivity packages from the company including facilities like messaging, calling, and comprehensive data caps. The prices for individual-line voice plans become quite attractive and become something to consider in particular from the array of packages they offer.

  • AT&T

AT&T has long established a repute for being a socially responsible company and therefore they also offer particular incentives to the elderly population in the US. They have a plan under the title of AT&T senior nation that offers people 200 minutes of talk time (irrespective of the hour), unlimited mobile to mobile talk time (particular to AT&T users) and a significant 500 minutes for weekend and night-time calling. This is a nationwide plan without any roaming surcharges which makes it even more appealing. You will not be able to avail of this offer online though, so to get this one, you need to visit an outlet or call the respective through a phone.

  • T-Mobile

T-Mobile is another one in the list and the plus here is that the age bracket for their program is at 55 years. Their Unlimited 55+ program offers two lines along with limitless talk time, texts and 4G LTE internet caps for smartphones. The eligibility requires the primary account owner to be more than 55 years of age. Users all get to enjoy an additional 5$ discount with automatic payment option system by T-Mobile for further facilitation. If you are an existing customer and a few years off the eligibility criteria, you can get the current program updated once you reach the eligibility age. New customers, on the other hand, will need to visit their stores and verify their ID's in order to be facilitated under the package.

These are some of the best providers offering discounts for our audiences above the age bracket of 55 years at least. Feel free to explore their official websites and look into plans in detail and you will surely be able to benefit yourself or bring a sigh of relief to someone in your family or your friend circle for that matter. 

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