Restaurant Technology of the Future: Employee Scheduling Software

Restaurant Technology of the Future: Employee Scheduling Software
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There was once a time when advanced restaurant technology meant a powerful food processor. Modern technology has evolved so much that it helps restaurants in numerous ways that were hard to imagine even just years ago. 

In an ever competitive landscape, let's examine some of the ways employee scheduling software is transforming how restaurants do business.

No More Wasting Time to Create a Schedule

Unsurprisingly, the primary thing employee scheduling software does is produce schedules that all your staff will love in far less time than it would otherwise take. Not just minutes and seconds, employee scheduling software can produce schedules up to 80% faster.

This means your staff no longer needs to spend time at work trying to solve a frustrating puzzle each week, but it also means that the restaurant can reduce its labour costs by 1-3%. Time is money, so learn more at 7shifts to see how freeing up this much time leads to valuable savings, especially with labor costs, traditionally the biggest expense a restaurant faces.

Sophisticated Time Clock

The humble time clock has received a modern upgrade, one that lets restaurants manage time and reduce compliance risks to save money. If an employee forgets to sign out of a shift, for example, the clock can be set to do it for them automatically if it hasn't occurred after a designated time.

The clock can also be set to prevent early sign-ins, so employees only get paid for the time they were scheduled to work. If a staff member qualifies for overtime hours (and overtime pay), there'll be an alert sent before the schedule is finalized, preventing incurring extra labor expenses needlessly and accidentally.

The restaurant can easily use this software to manage compliance and reduce risks even in different states or countries at the same time - it doesn't matter if you have one location or hundreds, keeping labor streamlined and organized is now effortless.

Reporting on the Go

Managers and executives need to understand the ins and outs of their business to make informed decisions, and scheduling software lets them know everything at a glance. Track sales per labor hour easily, as the software is synced from your POS to control labor costs. 

There's even above-store reporting on other crucial facets of the business, like the health of your brand. Managers can get this information anywhere and at any time, since the cloud-based technology is always accessible. The Worked Hours & Wages Report, Variance Report, Attendance Report and more display the full picture clearly.

With data about the weather and shift descriptions writing by your own frontline staff, employee scheduling software lets you see the entire picture of your restaurant's operation in real-time.

A recipe from a century ago made the same way will taste just as delicious, but the evolution of technology means things behind the scenes in today's restaurants are done differently. Employee scheduling software is currently used in restaurants across North America today, and tech this useful no doubt has a big place in the future too. 

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