7 Tips on How to Write your "Who am I?" Essay

7 Tips on How to Write your "Who am I?" Essay
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Who Am I? It looks like a simple question until someone asks you to write an essay on this topic. It might leave you wondering about yourself. You need to dig down deep inside yourself to get answers, a kind of retrospective analysis. 

You may need to answer the question 'Who Am I?' for your school or college admission essay, assignment, or job application. At first, it may seem easy to write an essay on yourself. But, actually it is not, especially when you are writing to persuade someone that you are a perfect fit for the particular job, admission, scholarship, or position.

Here are some powerful tips to help you write an impressive and persuasive 'Who am I?' essay that enables you to make the desired impression.

Tip 1:  Follow a Logical Structure

Just like other essay writing tasks, following a logical structure when writing your 'Who am I?' essay enables you to produce high-quality and better-structured work. So, before you start, develop an organized structure or outline. Try to find some examples in other essays in your local library or on websites like StudyMoose and read autobiographies of persons you find interesting to inspire. This will guide you in providing your readers with a comprehensible, coherent, and succinct explanation of who you are.

Tip 2: Make Your Personal Story Interesting to Readers

You need to share a personal engaging and intriguing story that ignites the interest of your readers in your personality. Write down a narrative telling your story, which will help you to organize your ideas and make them flow better. Don't forget to make use of transitory words for connecting sentences. Spice up your story with lively, exciting, emotional words and interrogative sentences. Set the mood of your personal essay through the use of powerful descriptive words and imagery.

Tip 3: Be Objective

Although you may start your personal essay with a general description, narrow it down to be more objective. Focus on the aims and goals of your life rather than just emotional aspects. Don't brag or tell lies about yourself and your characteristics. Also, mention your shortcomings while highlighting your strengths. What did your life experiences teach you? How you tried to change yourself in light of your experiences? Try to stay as truthful and objective as possible.

Tip 4: Be Creative and Fun

Being objective does not mean that you cannot be fun and creative in your writing. You can adopt a witty and creative writing style to grasp the attention of the readers and make your story more engaging. Use artistic writing techniques and expressive means like metaphors, allegories, imagery, similes, flashbacks, etc.

Tip 5: Choose a Good Style

You need to choose a style of writing you plan to adopt in your essay. As you are writing a narrative about yourself, use a first-person narrative that has an emotional and sensory impact. Use plenty of vivid details, imagery, and sensory words that enable your reader to imagine and experience the whole situation with you as Stephen King puts it, make your readers 'prickle with recognition'.

Tip 6: Don't Boast

Don't act like an upstart. You do need to highlight your positive traits and achievements to make the right impression on your readers, but you don't need to sound arrogant. Be humble and communicate to your readers that your achievements in life are not achieved by luck or a gift only but are a reward of your untiring hard-work and continuous self-growth, but keep it balanced.

Tip 7: Hold the Intrigue  

One fantastic idea is to hold on the intrigue in your 'Who am I?' essay till you reach the very end of your narrative. Subtly mention that point of intrigue in the introduction and somewhere in the body of your essay but don't reveal until you reach a conclusion. This keeps your readers hooked to your personal essay till the end.


Writing a 'Who am I?' essay is not as simple as it looks. You need to reflect on your strengths, weaknesses, and experiences and present them to your readers creatively and intriguingly. By working hard and following the tips mentioned above, you will be able to craft a compelling and intriguing 'Who am I?' essay that won't fail to impress your readers.

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