The Top GPS Tracking System Voices This Year

GPS using waze app
(Photo : Bigstock) MONTREAL CANADA - FEBRUARY 2016 - GPS application Waze running on Samsung S5 in a car. Waze is one of the most popular GPS applications

GPS systems are not exactly new; however, there are plenty of ways to make this important technology fun. Now, GPS is used regularly. Many people turn on the GPS even when they know where they're going purely for the ETA. Now, people are turning on the GPS simply for the fun voices they can put on these devices. Many GPS brands, including Tracking Fox, allow people to purchase devices that allow unique GPS voices to be employed. This can make this mundane task a little more enjoyable. There are a few top GPS voices that everyone should know.

One of the most popular is voices from Star Wars characters. Some fan favorites, such as Darth Vader and Yoda (who speaks in reverse), can be added to GPS systems. Most people are familiar with the dark, raspy breathing of the dreaded Sith lord as well as the fun turns of phrase employed by Yoda, the heroic Jedi master. Some of the other Star Wars characters who can be added include C3PO and Han Solo. While R2D2 might not be as popular, it is hard to imagine how the beeps of the popular astromech droid can help people figure out where they're going.

Another popular option for GPS voices is from one of the longest-running cartoons still on TV today. The Simpson first hit the screens back in the 1980s. The distinctly yellow characters are still putting out new episodes today. Some of the most iconic characters include Homer Simpson, Marge Simpson, and the boss Mr. Burns. Each of these characters can have their voices heard on a GPS system. Now, each time someone misses a turn, the iconic phrase will fill the vehicle!

Another popular cartoon on TV is South Park. This show has been on the air for almost as long as The Simpsons. There are numerous popular characters from the TV show; however, the most iconic is surely Cartman. This evil, devious child is known for his nefarious schemes as well as his numerous catchphrases. Now, they can all be heard via the GPS system. Anyone who is looking to make the drive a little bit more interesting will want to embrace the voice of Eric Cartman along the journey.

These are only a few of the many popular GPS voices that people can get on their devices. Those who are looking to make the drive a bit more enjoyable should take a look at the selection of voices available! There are some fun ones out there for sure.


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