Over 200 Earthquakes Recorded Around Yellowstone Supervolcano, Is it Erupting Soon?

Geyser at Yellowstone Volcano
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The Yellowstone Volcano is a supervolcano and volcanic caldera found in the western parts of the United States of America in the Yellowstone National Park. Sometimes, people refer to it as the Yellowstone Caldera. You can find the Yellowstone National Park and supervolcano in Wyoming's northwestern region.

But did you know that this February, there were over 200 earthquakes that hit the Yellowstone Volcano? Not only that, but there were a handful of swarm events as well that occurred. Are these events of seismic activity a warning from the Yellowstone Volcano awakening from its dormancy?

Earthquakes around Yellowstone volcano

The last time the Yellowstone Volcano erupted was over seventy thousand years ago. Many people are fearing that it is going to be erupting soon since it has been so long since the last eruption. There are geologists stationed in the Yellowstone National Park that are carefully observing the volcano for any activity that seems unusual. Many people on social media shared their worries that the Yellowstone Volcano is overdue for its next eruption.

The United States Geological Survey has had scientists record the number of earthquakes around the Yellowstone Volcano in February, and they recorded a whopping amount of two hundred two earthquakes. Those earthquakes were accompanied by a few eruptions from the Steamboat Geyser-- which is a geyser that is famous around the world. The explosions of the geyser happened on the 1st, 12th, 21st, and 28th of February, respectively. The USGS stated that during February this year, the Seismograph Station of the University of Utah detected over two hundred earthquakes in the region of the Yellowstone Volcano.

On the 10th of February, during the morning, there was a small earthquake that took place in the Yellowstone National Park. It was the largest of the several events as it reached a magnitude of 2.4. This February, there has been a plethora of seismic activity surrounding the Yellowstone Volcano. The USGS has records of a few earthquake swarm events on different dates each.

The most intense of the incidents happened from the 17th of February to the 24th of February. That event brought over sixty earthquakes along with it. The magnitudes of the earthquakes ranged from below zero to over two. The most powerful of the quakes happened on the 20th of February. The next swarm event occurred between the 11th of February and the 12th of February, which brought almost forty earthquakes along with it. The magnitudes of the earthquakes ranged from below one to over two. The least powerful of the swarm events happened from the 3rd of February to the 4th of February, which brought twelve small earthquakes. The magnitudes of these earthquakes barely passed a scale of one.

Is it erupting soon?

In 2015, there has been slight deformation happening to the ground that has matched the yearly seismic activity. Do not worry, though. All of the earthquakes happening are not a telltale sign that the Yellowstone Volcano is going to have increased volcanic activity. The USGS has stated that these kinds of sequences of earthquakes are common, and they account for about half of the Yellowstone National Park's seismic activity. Earthquake activity is regular, so you shouldn't worry.

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