Strange and Unique Items Passengers Forget in the Uber Car

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In America, nearly 40 million Uber rides are fulfilled every month. So many passengers cam from different walks of life, and they were also in different situations when they booked a ride. Passengers were either on their way to a night out, on their way home from a bar, or they were going to and from the airport. With all these chaos, some of them ended up leaving their things in the back seat, only to be picked up by the driver. 

What passengers normally leave behind are essential items like wallet, water bottle, phone, and glasses. But there are times wherein passengers leave weird and strange items that make drivers scratch their heads. They are now a part of Uber's Lost and Found Index list, published by the company every year. 

Things that Americans forget in an Uber

Uber released the list of weird items that were left by passengers and they are:

  • Mice for a pet snake to eat
  • A specimen cup from the doctor's office
  • A CPAP sleep machine
  • A cooler of breastmilk
  • A six-pack of toilet paper
  • One fake cosmetic tooth and a retainer
  • A cat paw print from the vet
  • An apron from Krispy Kreme
  • A lanyard that says "virginity rocks"
  • Keys with a dog tag
  • Weed 
  • A boulder
  • Meat
  • A bubble machine
  • An oxygen tank
  • A brown bag with a Harry Potter wand, a Batman game and a Nightmare Before Christmas costume
  • Cat tarot cards
  • Swarovski binoculars
  • A coconut purse
  • Jiu-Jitsu clothes
  • Bag of three stuffed elves
  • Sriracha themed high socks
  • Diamond cufflinks
  • Game of Thrones wallet
  • Gray dog tent
  • Bag of wigs
  • A black leather choker
  • A surfing helmet
  • A hard-boiled egg 
  • Ouija board
  • Cornhole bags
  • Small spooky figurines
  • Guinea pig slippers
  • Food processor
  • A colored Star Trek shirt and fake ears
  • A Ziploc containing $12.00 in quarters
  • Steam mop 
  • A bag of onions
  • A box of garbage
  • An electric servo
  •  A gray fuel pump

Lost & Found Trends

Numerous riders leave luxury items too, like Louis Vuitton, Prada, YSL and Chanel. However, there have been no Hermes and Fendi products left behind yet. The third most forgotten item by passengers are car keys, with brands like BMW, Honda, Jeep, and Toyota on top of the list. 

Another most forgotten item is AirPods, from the whole case to losing just one pod, there was a 21% increase in lost AirPods since 2019. And of course, the most common lost item is cash. Passengers leave all types of money in the backseat, from credit cards, checks, bags of coins and a few dollars. Passengers leave $100 the most, but there were riders who forgot $4,000 up to $9,000 in cash. 

How to retrieve lost items

Uber stated that the best way to retrieve any lost item is to contact the driver directly. However, if the item that was lost is a cellphone, the riders can log in to their Uber account on a computer and follow the instructions on how to contact the Uber driver in order to coordinate a place where you can meet and get you items back. 

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