Dolls Are Becoming More Human Than We Thought! Here's Why

Plastic Life-Size Doll
(Photo : Instagram/silicone__lovers)

Silicone Lovers created the first plastic life-size dolls with human hair. The UK based company is now selling sex dolls with real human hair. Yes,  plastic life-size dolls, human hair. In the article from The Daily Star, the company claimed that this was done to make the dolls seem more realistic. They made it more human, to be exact.

The co-founder Louie Love told the newspaper that their new plastic life-size dolls make people stop and stare, only for them to realize that these dolls are not alive. According to Love, these plastic life-size dolls that are made of plastic now have implanted human hair. The hairs were outsourced due to donations.

The new model concentrates not only on hair but also on the doll's skin texture. Some even include features like freckles. In his opinion, the difference between real human beings and the silicone dolls are incredibly realistic to the point of insanity. For him, it is almost indistinguishable.

Love emphasizes the human aspect of the new line of plastic life-size dolls. The human hair and added skin features are said to make human instincts kick in. The potential consumers sense that something was not right.

He retold the experiences of their customers who showed this to their friends. The story goes with the friends saying hello to the doll, realizing later with the lack of reaction that they are greeting a doll.

Plastic Life-Size Doll
(Photo : Instagram/silicone__lovers)

The Silicone Lovers co-owner announced that there would be more upgrades. Their goal is to create what they have termed as hyper-realistic style. The plastic life-size dolls do look incredibly real, especially at a photo's standpoint. From the human hair that adorns its head to the face tint and customizable freckles, Love is pushing the limits of what is currently possible in the world of plastic life-size dolls.

A report from The Sun highlights that the human hair does not come from the UK or any neighboring countries. The hair is sourced from Asia. The human hair is also used for theplastic life-size dolls' eyebrows. The hair that is sourced from Asia is offered on multiple brands. Love has said that they sell it to brands such as HR, 6YE WM, JY, and Iron Tech.

Love has said that the plastic life-size dolls, or girlfriends as he prefers it, are fit to have implanted human hair. He has commented on how their plastic life-size dolls' texture is often customized and sought after. The latest trend on their line is the added freckles, which are becoming more popular in their shop.

The plastic girlfriends are all customizable. Customers can either have the plastic life-size dolls ordered straight from the company inventory. If they want to, they can also have it customized by supplying a photo.

Silicone Lovers' plastic life-size dolls are not the only highlight of the sex doll world. The US company RealDoll just released a video of their new range of dolls. Their competitive edge focuses on the dolls now being powered by artificial intelligence or AI. The plastic life-size dolls are now robots that can replicate human expression.

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