12 Awesome Creative Engagement Party Gifts


So two of your favorite persons just said yes to marry each other. And you're fussing about the best engagement gift ideas you can come up with. Well, whether you opt for general or personalized engagement gifts, they must be useful, practical and within your budget.

It's a time to celebrate and unique engagement gift ideas are the icing on the cake. So while asking yourself what to give as an engagement gift, see our full list of awesome fun engagement gifts.

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1.     Health companion water bottles

If the engaged couple are health enthusiasts are the perfect engagement presents to gift them. These water bottles come with a hydration plan that the couple can take everywhere. It reminds them of how much water and when they should take it in a day. These bottles are great for office, picnics and even meals. They can use the bottles at the party as they don't go against the engagement dinner etiquette.

2.     Wooden ring dish

If you are thinking of a rustic DIY engaging gift befitting for the couple, a wooden ring dish is just right. You can set out time to make it by yourself or buy a polished wooden dish from places like Etsy. This dish bring a warm rustic feeling to the couple.

3.     Couple gift box

The engagement party is all about celebrating the new couple, why not spice it up. Splurge on a just engaged gift box for the couple containing some fun items. Wines, flutes, bath salts, candles, perfumes, whiskey or cognac can make up the box. This ensures that the couple has a good time after the party. It helps them bond.

4.     Personalized cutting board

Looking for engagement gifts for couples living together? A personalized cutting board is the right choice, especially if they love kitchens. Take it a step further by having their names, initials or engagement date inscribed on it. Every time they use it, they will reminisce the day of their engagement. And this is a practical gift useful for years to come.

5.     Diamond cleaning pen

Your girl has a rock on her finger, so this is one of the best engagement gifts for her. A diamond pen is very useful for cleaning her rock and making sure it's always in top shape. No dirt or dullness must be spotted whenever she has to show off that bling.

6.     Cake forks

A very timely gift this is as you prepare them in advance for the wedding. These cake forks will come in handy when they have to feed each other at the wedding. You know, they don't have to mess themselves up by having cake stuck on their cheeks or noses when they feed themselves.

7.     Frame of quotes

There should be a constant reminder of their love for all the days they live. Be that guest who gifts them a frame of the beautiful things you can remember them saying to each other. Spice it up by adding your own beautiful quotes to them and have their names inscribed on it. This frame is perfect for the bedroom.

8.     Wedding organizer keepsake

After the engagement, the bride goes into a wedding planning frenzy. A wedding organizer keepsake is the perfect engagement gift for her. This is a thoughtful gift that helps her plan her wedding while documenting everything in an organized fashion. It makes the planning seamless, and she will keep it for years to come.

9.     GPS coordinates print

You know where the couple met, their favorite restaurant and where the proposal happened? If you do, then you are very close to the couple, hence you have dibs on this gift. Create a GPS coordinate of where important things in their relationships happened until the proposal. Frame it and give to the couple. They will never forget you.

10.  Romantic flute pair

Some cocktail for the couple after the party? Then they need a romantic set of his and hers flutes to enjoy it. You can buy inscribed flutes or have them personalized by yourself.

11.  Bride spa box

As the bride plans the wedding, there are times when will need breaks. The bride gift box is a companion that helps her relax. She can have a spa set within the comfort of her home with the content of her gift box.

12.  Custom chopping block

The couple living together will love this gift. Together they will chop their vegetables while having happy chats and bonding. The kitchen they say, is the core of the home. Give them a reason to be there.

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Above are 12 engagement gift ideas that are practical, budget friendly and we hope you like them. Make your pick from personalized engagement gifts ideas.

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