OMG! Is There Really An Alien Monolith On Mars' Moon?

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An image from the European Space Agency has watchers of UFOs sharing it since they're excited that they have a UFO sighting on the image. Most UFO watchers say the picture shows an alien monolith that was first postulated by Buzz Aldrin, a NASA astronaut.

Buzz Aldrin is a famous NASA astronaut who had an interview on C-SPAN around seven years ago. In that interview, the legendary crew member of Apollo 11 told people to visit the moon of Mars. He said that there was a monolith on the moon of Mars.

The image on Phobos

He described it as a strange structure on a small object that looks like a potato, and it revolves around Mars over three times a day. When there are people that find out about it, they'll want to know who put the monolith there. He says people will try to find out who put it on Mars' moon, but if you want a straight answer, the answer Buzz gives is the universe put it there.

The interview sparked interest from various UFO enthusiasts, which led them to search for evidence of any alien life on or near Mars. Ever since that interview with the well-known NASA astronaut, hunters of extraterrestrial life have spent countless hours searching for the monolith he mentioned.

The consipiracy theory that Buzz started about the UFO sighting would be more significant than anyone expected.

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Scott Waring, a conspiracy theorist from the website ET Database, has been searching for the monolith since then, but now believes he has found it. He is a self-proclaimed expert on UFOs, and he found it on a verified image of Phobos, Mar's moon, from the European Space Agency.

The ESA uploaded the image online for the public to look at on the December 6, 2016. It's the most recent image you can look at yourself showing Mars' moon. You can only look at a quarter of the moon in the original image since there's a shadow over the other quarter.

He used high-end photo manipulation software to make the high-definition image of Phobos brighter. He had discovered the alien monolith that Buzz Aldrin mentioned.

Conspiracies About the UFO Sighting on Phobos

Waring believes that the discovery he made of this UFO sighting is additional evidence to prove that NASA and ESA are conspiring to suppress people knowing of alien civilizations in the solar system we live in.

He says that the monolith is significantly bigger than previously thought. UFO watchers assumed that the alien base would be a structure, which was tall and rectangular, discovered a few years ago. But it turns out that this alien monolith is the alien base.

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The alien monolith on the moon of Mars is enormous, and Waring thinks the conspiring space agencies erased it on other existing photos of Phobos by using photo manipulation software.

He believes an editor at ESA missed this evidence because it is evidence that aliens built it and the aliens are using Mars as their space station. Aliens may be in control of Phobos' orbit and speed to this day.

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