Pandemic Bangs is the New Hair Trendsetter, Yay or Nay?

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Pandemic bangs have become a hot trend in a few days after the national community quarantine was imposed. The pandemic bangs are causing a storm internationally through Instagram and Tik Tok.

Students and bored people alike are now uploading photos and videos on their handles to show them with a scissor. The said pandemic bangs are done through the twist method. The twist method is a viral hack/fail used by people cutting their bangs at home. 

Where the pandemic bangs started

Los Angeles hairstylist Justine Marzan told the New York Post that people should not do the twist method with kitchen shears. Marjan is an A-list hairstylist to stars such as Ashley Graham and the Kardashians.

She mimicked the pandemic bangs online, telling bored people not to do the twist method. She told the NY Post via a message that the twist method will only end up with people having crooked bangs.

Hair Bangs
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It is risky to trim the bangs yourself as the hair usually jumps up quite a bit as you pull it. Dry or wet, it is a risk and hair mishap you can avoid by not doing it. 

Quarantine is getting a little boring

The community quarantine has caused a lot of people to devote their time to social media. The pandemic bangs is also an effect of salons and parlors having to shut down for community quarantine.

Many of those who did the pandemic bangs say that they have done this as three weeks is ample time to grow the hair back. NBC New York reports that the Coronavirus has affected people's grooming habits. 

Fox News cited the curious case of Christine Thomas, a senior at Purdue University. She told The Post that she was bored with her hair. Since she saw viral photos of the tutorials on TikTok, she went to the shower and cut her hair just like that.

To achieve her pandemic bangs, the 22-year-old student used a comb to section her hair toward the front of her head. She twisted and sectioned the hair using a skinny cord and snipped it at the level of the bridge of her nose. One she unwinded the fluff of the hair, she said it became an effortless, chic tousle. 

Thomas said that Zooey Deschanel and boredom inspired her look. She said that she's gotten what she termed as rave reviews online from both friends and internet strangers. She also spoke of her friend Natalia who is considering doing the challenge which Thomas encouraged.

For Thomas, the three weeks allows the people who would butcher their hair to have time to lick their wounds in private. 

Marjan and many other hairstylists have talked about it on social media. They have reasoned that the time for the community quarantine is not set yet. It may be prolonged due to the absence of vaccination to counter Coronavirus.

Thomas believes that cutting their bangs wouldn't be the end of the world and can be done just the same. There's nothing to lose. However, for Marjan, that hair disaster can prove to be costly once the quarantine is done.

Pandemic bangs may be fun, but that doesn't mean you should do it.

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