NASA Addresses Consipracy Theories on 'Alien Geometrical Craft'

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With a pandemic that has been going on and natural disasters happening in some parts of the globe, no wonder every impossible thing that we can think of can be possible right now. That is why scientists and researchers have also been making claims on extraterrestrial life existing. Such claims are made because of recent findings and UFO sightings in different parts of the world. However, only the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) can only confirm such claims.

Recently, conspiracy theorists and alien hunters shared an image captured by NASA that was reported to be a UFO. the image showed a strangely-shaped UFO that many conspiracy theorists and alien hunters believed to be aliens.

About the photos

The images that were presented and studied by UFO conspiracy theorists and alien hunters were shots taken by NASA's Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory (STEREO) during one of their missions.

The mission was about studying more about the sun and the coronal mass ejections that are happening. STEREO announced it as a twin research and space observation together with the 2006 study that they conducted with the same subject.

While being on a mission and with the study being conducted, the HI2 telescope captured the image where planets Venus and Earth are involved in February.

Solar System
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During the same time, it was when a creepy, wheel-like shaped object showed up while they were on observation.

In early March, the UFO of Interest discussed the weird photo captured during the observation. They referred and called it as an image that has been repeatedly seen due to the internal reflections of the planet.

The announcement was confirmed by NASA just last week with an update about the STEREO on their website.

According to NASA's posted update, they explained that the image was a strange-looking, geometrical object that can come from the reflection that the planet Venus is making. The planet reflection of Venus might have captured one of NASA's telescopes and was within the telescopic areas of it.

NASA also revealed that this is the only recent time where a strange reflection showed in the scope of STEREO's telescopic area.

If you look closely at the shots taken by STEREO's telescope, you can see a clear view of the Lagoon Nebula, Venus, Earth, and the strange reflection.

According to UFO enthusiasts and alien hunters and experts, the object looked more like an alien steering wheel wondering in space. The object looked like something that you can see in alien movies that show about alien spaceships travelling through space.

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According to UFO experts

To some UFO experts, they highly believe it's not just some reflection from the aligned planets, but it could be something more. Although NASA has given its statement about the object and declared it was a reflection from Venus and Earth, UFO enthusiasts and alien hunters see it as a UFO and even see the uncanny resemblance of it to sci-fi movies and books.

UFO experts will always keep their hopes high and unlike NASA, they can be more prepared for such UFO findings in the future-- if there are any.

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