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Mei Kawajiri is a celebrity manicurist that you have probably heard of once before. She spends most of her days, making her nails into statement art pieces for famous stars like Bella & Gigi Hadid, Dua Lipa, and Ariana Grande. But thanks to the coronavirus outbreak, the lockdowns and quarantines are giving her business some downtime.

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However, this does not mean that Mei will stop creating exquisite nail art. The global pandemic will not stop her from showing off her work online, though. Kawajiri posts her work on Instagram under the name, nailsbymei. She is looking at the coronavirus crisis, and it inspires her to create nail art. On her social media pages, she has been showing off a series of her quarantine inspired nails.

Quarantine-Themed Nail Art Looks Good?

In the previous days of March, Kawajiri showed in her way that it was significant to keep your hands clean and practice correct hygiene by creating hand sanitizer nail art. She painted the artwork of Purell hand sanitizer on one of her hands, while she painted an aloe vera motif on her other side.

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Everyone knows that aloe vera will help keep skin moisturized when it feels parched, but the nail art of aloe vera does not have the same moisturizing properties, unfortunately.

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The next quarantine inspired nails that she created were more reminders to wash your hands and keep them clean. She put on purple latex gloves to represent how you should know how germs could be on everything you are touching. But, above the gloves, she put on fake lavender-coloured nails to match the gloves' colour.

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Another of her quarantine inspired nails is a 3D manicure where it looks like soap bubbles all over her nails. It is yet another reminder for everyone to wash their hands with soap for about 20 seconds. The soap bubbles on her nails do not pop, so do not worry about her popping them by mistake.

For the last nail art of her quarantine inspired nails, Kawajiri tells those who follow her to stay at home with everything that they need. On her nails, she had logos of multiple things but remade them to say something in the line of staying home.

Examples of logos she transformed are for Scott toilet paper, Bounty paper towels, and she also did online services that almost everyone knows of and uses, such as Netflix, Instagram, Amazon, Spotify, TikTok, and YouTube.

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Kawajiri's manicure masterpieces have been famous among her celebrity clients. Gigi Hadid claimed that her stay-at-home nail art was a genius idea, and Marc Jacobs called the purple glove nail art fierce and to the next level. If you love her quarantine inspired nails, visit her Instagram for more of her nail art.

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Everyone Can Help Beat This Pandemic

So the point of the nail art that Kawajiri created was to inform people on what they should do during the quarantine. You should make sure you listen to these artistic reminders of what everyone should do. Keep your hands clean and practice proper hygiene, so that your close friends and loved ones do not risk getting sick.

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