Believe It or Not! Mutant Piglet is Born With Elephant-Like Trunk in China

Heartbreaking footage of a mutant pig that is a few days fresh from its mother's womb has spread around social media. The deformed piglet was born with a nose that looked like the trunk of an elephant.

Where Did The Mutant Piglet Get The Elephant Trunk?

On March 19, the baby mutant pig was born. It was the only piglet in its litter to have an elephant trunk-looking nose. The caretaker of the piglet said that she had seen nothing like it in her life as a farmer ever. Fan Meiling is the caretaker of the mutant pig.

She explained that her uncle was the rightful owner of the female pig that gave birth to the piglets. Her uncle lives in China's south-western province of Guizhou in Jinsha County in Bijie City.

Mutant Pig
(Photo : Twitter/dailystar)

If you watch the video, you'll see that the deformed piglet has a slightly elongated nose that looks like an elephant's trunk, and the skin of the piglet is smooth and pink.

The piglet's tongue rolls out of its mouth, while the caretaker holds the deformed piglet in her hands and places it carefully in isolation under a heat lamp meant for livestock. Its healthy siblings all sleep with each other in nearby baskets, since they need to be separate from each other for safety reasons.

The caretaker mentioned that she had not seen a piglet with a mutation like it before in her life. She thought it was strange, and everyone else she knew thought it was weird too. It's unfortunate, but the mutant pig with the elephant trunk nose died some hours later from health problems that relate to the mutation.

Fan Meiling's uncle reported the piglet with a variation to their local bureau of animal husbandry, and they expect that the officials will get the corpse so they can examine what caused it.

Why Did It Become Mutated?

The cause of the mutations in the piglet is not clear, but when these mutations happen in a piglet, the most probable reason is because of pesticides. There are chemicals that we know as mutagens, which can deform various cells inside developing embryos.

The mutagens can cause a miscarriage to happen or the offspring to be born with defects or mutations, such as the mutant pig mentioned above.

Mutant Pig
(Photo : Twitter/theSundaily)

The mutated piglet incident comes soon after there was footage of another mutant pig born with human hair and a human face. The mutated pig was in the arms of a farmer as they cradled the pig, which was only a few hours old. This deformed piglet came out from its mother's womb in Venezuela earlier this March, but we do not know how long that piglet survived after being born.

The current coronavirus outbreak is not the cause of the mutation, so do not worry about animals you have being mutated. Most mutations happen because of pesticides or other chemicals, which is a perfect reason to be careful about what is inside the many things you use in your farms and gardens.

Do you agree that the mutation was because of pesticide chemicals? Or do you think it was something else entirely?

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