Police Dyes Blue Lagoon Because People 'Won't Stop Going Out' During COVID-19 Outbreak

Would you go into the water with a black dye?


England is currently struggling with the coronavirus pandemic. Statistics show that the confirmed cases reached 19,500 and is expected to rise. However, despite the community quarantine, people are breaking the law. Some of these people visit tourist spots. In Derbyshire, the police force becomes creative with their ways of making vacation spots, not the best place to socialize. Police dyes Blue Lagoon black. 

The Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is known for its summery blue hue that makes it an excellent place for hangouts. However, the current coronavirus state forces people to stay indoors at all times. Some people choose to go out, and so the police had to find ways to make them go home. So the cops dyed the blue lagoon black, making it look like these were chemical-ridden waters. 

Blue Lagoon
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According to News Sky, the Derbyshire Police posted the photos of before and after shots on Facebook. They wrote that they had received reports of people still congregating at the Blue Lagoon in Harpur Hill, Buxton.

While they admit that the location is picturesque and the weather is lovely, it is illegal to assemble when in a community quarantine. Under the instruction of the UK Government, the police dyed the Blue Lagoon black. They did this to make the water look less appealing, although some will undoubtedly disagree. 

Blue Lagoon
(Photo : Twitter/micklesb)

It is not the first time the police force had done this to discourage people from visiting the place. Insider reports that the police force worked with High Peak Borough Council and Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service to dye the Blue Lagoon black in the past.

Their reason before was to discourage people from swimming there as it was highly polluted. Now, it is because of the coronavirus. 

Blue Lagoon
(Photo : Twitter/micklesb)

For those who find the black waters appealing, this news will be disappointing. There are caustic chemicals added in the seas, sourced from quarry stones. Now, this means that the pH levels of the Blue Lagoon can cause skin irritations and stomach pains when ingested. Makes swimming less desirable.

To add fear and paranoia, the Rach Feed reported that there are many things hidden underneath the Blue Lagoon. From rubbish to animal bones. Still, appealing to you? 

The media and communications officer at the Derbyshire Constabulary told Insider via email that the dyeing of the lake started in 2013. Joe Severn said that the dye is not permanent. That is the reason why it can be repeated if people refuse to learn their lesson. 

Blue Lagoon
(Photo : Twitter/BalrogBaggins)

BBC also issued a warning, stating that the Blue Lagoon's current pH level is 11.3. That is close to the level of bleach at 12.3 pH. 

The police dye Blue Lagoon as a regular tactic all the time. It is more important, now more than ever, for people to stay indoors as the coronavirus still has no vaccine or approved medical treatment.

The parties can wait, and social media exists. There will be more opportunities to have fun outdoors in the future. As people are saying online, help flatten the curve. 

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