Smart Dog Delivers Groceries to Senior Neighbor in Quarantine

Dogs are known to be a man's best friend, and that statement has been proved several times in different ways even before. However, with the worldwide pandemic that has been going around lately, a dog went viral online and touched every online user's hearts when he was seen giving groceries to a senior in a town's neighborhood. 

The dog deliverer

Renee Hellman is just one of the many senior residents in Colorado who are currently in lockdown. Although the 71-year-old lady was not infected by the virus, she still isolated herself just like what his neighbors are doing to avoid the risk of exposing themselves to the possibility of catching the coronavirus. Because of her old age, Hellman could not easily get out of her house and even do a quick run to the grocery store. 

Sundance the Hero
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Hellman also has a health condition- her chronic obstructive pulmonary disease- which makes it more possible for her to get infected. With her health condition, she is advised and encouraged to just stay at home and quarantine herself for at least three weeks. 

Her age and health make her vulnerable in catching the novel coronavirus, and also the long lines in grocery stores caused by people who are panic buying will only exhaust his body, so she prefers to stay at home. 

However, this will only mean that Hellman will have a hard time surviving through the pandemic without having enough supplies at home.

Sundance the Hero
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Gladly, one of Hellman's neighbors, Karen Eveleth, felt that she wanted to help her dearest neighbor of 10 years. But with the coronavirus being in the air, she is also risky about going out to help Hellman. However, she is persistent to help Hellman through her quarantine, and that's when it came to her mind to teach her pet-- a golden retriever-- Sundance to send Hellman over some supplies and groceries. 

Sundance as a hero to the old lady

Golden retrievers are known to be one of the smartest dog breeds there is, and no wonder Sundance was able to learn how to send help to Hellman during a rough time like this. In fact, not only Sundance was able to deliver food and supplies to Hellman, but he has also been helping her getting her mail from Hellman's postal box outside her home. 

According to Eveleth in an interview with CNN, she was able to make meals and send supplies and additional groceries over to Hellman with the help of Sundance. The smart dog was also able to help out and even bring back the food containers and bowls empty. 

Sundance the Hero
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Eveleth also revealed that Sundance is a very smart and humble dog. Compared to Sundance's siblings, helping out and learning quickly was something he has naturally instilled in his DNA. 

Sundance's brave act of kindness and helpfulness became viral and he continues to help and cheer up Hellman during her isolation. According to Hellman, she considers Sundance her "humble hero," and could never thank the dog and Eveleth enough for their help. 

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