Parents Named Their Babies Born During Pandemic Outbreak After Coronavirus in India


With the global pandemic going around lately, it's not new that the novel coronavirus is always the talk wherever you are across the world. However, did you know that there are twins in India that were named after the global pandemic?

Chhattisgarh, India

A parent of newly-born twins went viral online when they decided to name their little ones after the novel coronavirus.

The couple, Preeti and Vinay Verma, had twins-- one girl and one boy-- and were delighted that they were able to go through labor safe and sound despite the coronavirus outbreak in their country. 

Twins in India
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According to NDTV, the babies were born last March 27 while everyone in the city was in mandatory quarantine and lockdown to avoid catching and increasing the number of cases in the city and the whole country. 

According to the mother of the twins, the twins were very special to them and they have long awaited this time that they can finally hug them in their arms. Thus, when they thought of what to name the twins, they wanted a name where they can remember it forever; for that day was very memorable for her and her husband despite experiencing difficulties during a global emergency. 

Twins in India
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She also shared with the Press Trust of India, which was a prestigious new agency in India, that although the coronavirus cases in their country became a threat to everyone in the city, she was grateful enough to get through safe labor and her twins are also healthily discharged. 

Twins in India
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She also emphasized how grateful she is of how the global pandemic was able to make her countrymen realize the importance of good hygiene and sanitation, in which she believed that it can help save lives and flatten the curve of coronavirus not only in India but in the whole world as well.  She was also able to focus on instilling good health habits during the ongoing outbreak.

Why name them after the virus?

According to the mother of the twins, it was the hospital staff who started calling her babies "Corona" and "Covid," and since then the names got stuck in their heads and eventually decided to go for it.

The babies were born at Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar Memorial Hospital in India's state capital, Raipur. According to her, she said that the twins' names would serve as a reminder of this time this year and the struggles her family has encountered during the mandatory lockdown.

Twins in India
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The babies were born three days after India's official announcement of nationwide lockdown which was ordered by India's prime minister, Narendra Modi. 

India's Coronavirus update

As of today, India has set rules and regulations about their lockdown implementation in the whole country. In fact, their lockdown rules were similar to the United Kingdom's rules. 

India's lockdown rules are far by effective and efficient and it has been keeping 1.3 billion Indians at home, except for those essential people who need to go on essential trips. 

Just like in the UK, the only essential trips that were allowed are trips to the grocery, supermarkets, and pharmacies. Other than that, people are being encouraged to stay at home and were prohibited to go to other places.

As of recent reports, India now has 3,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and currently has 86 reported deaths. 

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