Owner Removes Stapled Bills On Bar Walls to Pay Unemployed People


Almost every country in the whole world is now experiencing a health crisis due to the coronavirus outbreak that has been going around lately. Many cities and huge countries have declared lockdowns and community quarantine protocols to help ease the number of COVID-19 cases that are continuously increasing.

Due to the lockdowns, many companies and stores have temporarily shut down, leading employed people with no jobs in the meantime. Although the protocol is best for everyone, it could still not take the fact that people across the world are experiencing an economic crisis as well, leaving people with no jobs and money for who knows when.

However, there are some countries that have provided their employed people with financial help, but according to most people, it isn't enough. But, there are still employers that try their best to help their affected employees and to everyone who needs assistance during this global pandemic, just like this bar owner in Georgia who went viral online because of his kind heart.

A weirdly-designed bar

Due to the city lockdown, shops, restaurants, and bars have been asked to close. To most countries, most of the stores that are left open are the grocery stores and pharmacies for essential supplies. Other than that, everything is closed. 

The Sand Bar
(Photo : Twitter/GAFollowers)

A famous bar in Tybee Island, Georgia, The Sand Bar, is also currently struggling due to the coronavirus lockdown. Many employees have been prohibited to go to work in the fear of spreading the virus. 

The Sand Bar is one of the most famous bars in the island not because of their drinks or food, but because the whole bar is weirdly but beautifully designed by dollar bills. The bills are stapled all around the bar's walls. We might have seen other bars from other cities that have coins glued to their walls, but to this bar, they went for dollar bills. 

The Sand Bar
(Photo : Twitter/GAFollowers)

The owner of the bar, Jennifer Knox, came up with a brilliant idea that could help her employees. Now that the bar is closed, her employees do not have to go to work for who knows when. Knowing that her employees are also struggling to survive the whole lockdown, she decided to take the dollar bills that she stapled around her bar and use them to pay for their staff. 

While the dollar bill-design could be the bar's asset in terms of decorations and popularity it drags from the customers, Knox said that the bills could be a greater help if she uses it to provide her staff. Now that everyone is unsure of when this pandemic will end, everyone needs all the help they can get and give to each and everybody. 

The bar's tradition

The Sand Bar
(Photo : Twitter/SchieringCarol)

According to Knox, stapling dollar bills on the walls and ceiling of the whole bar was an old tradition and has been an ongoing tradition for 15 years. However, because of the lockdown, Knox said it might be smarter to put the tradition on pause and help their staff during this crisis.

Also, since the bar, and other non-essentials stores and establishments, will not yet open until further notice from the government, their employees are underpaid until such notice has been lifted. 

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