Ambient Lights for A Cozy Bedroom

Looking for lights to add in your bedroom to make it cozier for a good night's sleep? Here are some of the best picks you can get from Amazon. In just one tap of a finger, you can now achieve the bedroom mood you are trying to get every night. 

ACED 7.1-Inch Large Moon Lamp Touch Sensor

This nightstand lamp from ACED is delicately crafted with 3D printing technology, restores the real appearance of the moon vividly. If you are a moon lover, this is the perfect night light for you. This lamp shows the moon's divinity and enchanting symbol, and it also brings you luck and happiness in your life. This moon lamp will light your whole room every night.

This lamp also comes with two brightness levels of dim to bright, warm white, daylight white and cold white that will match your mood for any occasion. It is easy to adjust; with just one tap of a finger on the smart touch button or remote control, you can now operate this lamp in no time.

ACED 7.1 Inch Large Moon Lamp Touch Sensor
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AUKEY Table Lamp Touch Sensor Bedside Lamp

This lamp from AUKEY is a touch-activated table lamp that is great for relaxing background illumination and reading. It is suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, and hallways, as well as relaxed modern offices. You can choose between warm white light and a rich blend of vibrant colors. 

Simply tap the touch control base to toggle three brightness levels of warm white light: soft, moderate, and bright. It is comfortable and cozy for rest and relaxation and also great for reading on the bright setting. This lamp has an auto-cycle and extensive selection of colors from the red-green-blue color spectrum or picks and pause on your favorite. 

AUKEY Table Lamp
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AMARS 16.4ft Battery Operated String Lights with Remote Control

This string light is battery operated and is 16.4 ft long with 50 translucent bulbs. It can be controlled by a wireless remote control and comes in eight modes light sequences and auto-timer. It is also an IP44 waterproof class that makes these battery-powered string lights available for indoor and outdoor use. This is a wonderful addition to your bedroom, backyard, patio, room, and a wall hanging decoration. 

AMARS 16 .4 ft Battery Operated String Lights
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Soft Blue Glow Plug-in LED Night Light

This lamp has an energy-saving design and will only run on 0.5w per 12 hours each day. You don't have to replace any light bulb for this too since all you need to do is plug it in on an electric socket. It also comes with a dusk to dawn sensor and will automatically switch on at dusk and off at dawn. It does not have a switch button. It is also non-polarized and has no offset prongs. The nightlights don't block the second outlet on the wall as well. 

Soft Blue Glow Plug In LED Night Light
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Grand Patio Super Bright Outdoor Floor Lamp, Medium-Sized

This drum-shaped lamp is not only perfect for outdoor use but you can also use it as a bedroom light. It comes with 25 lumens lighting and is maintenance-free. Turn it on at dark and turn it off at dawn automatically. This will remain illuminated from 6 to 8 hours normally. It is also weather-resistant and is a cordless lamp, since it is battery-operated. 

Grand Patio Super Bright Outdoor Floor Lamp
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