Man Believes He Will Be Immortal After Death

Life After Death
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A man who was reported to have died temporarily claims that he no longer is afraid of death and believes that there is some sort of immortality waiting for him after his death. 

Hiding in the name of Todd, the man was recently in a hospital diagnosed and was being treated for pneumonia when he suddenly had to suffer multiple organ failures. When Todd's doctors were not around, he claims to have had a glimpse of the afterlife, and he said the scene made him feel like he is immortal. 

Todd's afterlife experience

When Todd was currently in the situation of being dead, he revealed that he was able to see his father who was already dead for a year. He said that his dad offered him the chance to stay with him in heaven and offered him a peaceful afterlife. 

After that incident he had and the vision he experienced seeing hid father, he reveals that he is no longer afraid of death or dying because he knows there is something better waiting for him on the other side of life. 

Life After Death
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According to Todd's statement on the Near Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF), he shared the image and details of the encounter he experienced with his deceased father. He revealed that his father was wearing yellow and they both were in a bright room. However, he stated that he was not able to see the walls and the floors, or if the room had any. 

He further revealed that the setting looked like they were in dry ice that has thick smoke in the air. He also shared that his father said to him that if he is coming with him, they both better should go. 

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Todd shared that he took a few steps towards his father, but he paused to the thought of him having a choice. His father's statement was also asking and giving him a choice to make, so Todd asked his father if he had the choice to walk with him or go back to his family and his pets. 

His father answered to him that he has a choice of either the two. 

Knowing that he has a family left on Earth, Todd told his father that he can't go with him since his family still needs him to be alive. Todd also revealed that he even begged his father to come with him back on Earth but his father said it only works one way, and that he can't go back with Todd. 

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Todd told his father that he needs to go back and according to him, his father respected his choice and even told him he will see him soon enough. 

After that short near-to-death experience with his father, Todd woke up from that moment on. He also told his mom about his meeting with his dad. 

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When he shared the details with his mom, her mom's reaction was quite confused and scared, and Todd was informed by his mom that he has been unconscious for almost two weeks. 

She also revealed to him that he has been relying on a breathing tube and is very near to death. Also, what's more, creepy is the day that Todd woke up was exactly the same day his dad died a year ago. 

According to some experts

Some experts say that the vision of an afterlife is normal especially to people who are really in a fatal situation. However, it is not necessarily a sign that there is life after death

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