Pandemic Board Game May Help Healthworkers Determine Their Next Coronavirus Response

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People are now going crazy about the viral board game that is known to be the game-changer in understanding the coronavirus outbreak. Although to some people it's only a humble board game, there have been reports that medics are already using the board game in keeping track of the global pandemic. 

While you have already heard a lot of predictions, conspiracy theories, and prophecies about the coronavirus but you still don't get a grip on what is happening around the world and the health crisis everyone is facing, you might want to get yourself a copy of the board game Pandemic.

Pandemic, the 'coronavirus' board game

Many people have assumed that the board game "Pandemic" has foreseen the health crisis and events that we humans are facing right now- the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). While it only seems like its a great board game to enhance critical thinking, it has been reported that the board game is now adapted by medics and university medical students as an effective learning aid. 

Pandemic Board Game
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Following the SARS outbreak exactly in the years 2002-2004, this board game was launched exactly 10 years ago. This is often confused to be like the movie with the same title, but it isn't. The board game's goal is to aim and prove cooperation is very important to prevent the world from a global pandemic, just like the one that we are experiencing today.

For medics, researchers, medical students, and quarantine experts, the use of the board game became necessary for them to educate and further create a discover for a cure, in which the whole world needs right now, considering the alarming rates of coronavirus cases all around the world and the number of deaths reported.

The board game helps medical experts to think of more ways on how to prevent the spread of the virus and come up with a more effective cure or vaccine that could help save lives.

The mind behind Pandemic

The board game was created by Matthew Leacock, and in an interview with Washington Post, he said that the disease makes it the perfect opponent. He also stated that the coronavirus can be used as the model in the game because the virus is uncaring and fearful.

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Leacock also revealed that although he did not make the board game to be an educational tool for experts and medics, he said that there are key components and strategies in the board game that is similar to the protocols set by health experts and government authorities, which is a full understanding of how important cooperation and communication is despite being under pressure. 

Leacock also shared that there is already one university that uses the Pandemic as a tool to teach their students on different medical strategies and the importance of teamwork during this dreadful health crisis.

How the game works

In the board game, the virus is being represented by colored cubes and the spread can be determined by drawing some cards. 

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However, the players should be able to cooperate successfully if they want to win. Just like with the current situation that the world is in with the coronavirus, people need to know that working together in fighting the increasing numbers will lead to success. Thus, keeping a closed and secured lockdown measures can also help flatten the curve while experts are still finding a cure. 

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