How to Grow a Healthy Beard Quickly

Growing facial hair, from short beards to goatees to faded cut, is very much back in style at present.
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Growing facial hair, from short beards to goatees to faded cut, is very much back in style at present. With the right cut for the shape of your face, a beard can certainly take your style quotient to a different level altogether. Most of the people interested in growing a beard are particularly keen to grow a thick beard in a short time. 

Before discussing ahead, it is important to understand a few key terminologies related to beard growth. First and foremost, beard that grows untrimmed for a year is often referred to as a yeard. On the other hand, tweard is the beard that has been allowed to grow for two years without trimming. Terminal beard is the one that has stopped growing after reaching its critical mass because of shedding and split ends. Also, please remember that two types of hair grow on our faces. Vellus is the lighter and more youthful of the two. Terminal, on the other hand, is the coarser and darker hair. As we grow up from childhood to youth, the vellus hairs are converted into terminal hairs, and are commonly known as beard. 

Physical Aspects of Beard Growth:

Beard growth can start anywhere from teenage to late 20s or even in 30s and there is no way to control the start of this process. The texture, color, and thickness of the beard are also beyond human control because these factors are tied to an individual's DNA.  Please remember that growing a beard is all about patience. At times, one may have to wait for a few years before the beard finds a shape. 

When you first start growing a beard, the first month can be a trying experience. Beard growth is dependent entirely on your genes, health, and your level of testosterone in the body. Luckily, these are a few things that are well within your control. To ensure maximum beard growth, you must exercise, eat right, and take good care of your body. 

Hormones Affecting Beard Growth: 

As mentioned briefly in the previous section hormones play a significant role in beard growth, particularly dihydrotestosterone (DTH) and testosterone. The patterns of our beard and hair growth are directly impacted by the amount of DHT in our reproductive systems.  If you have a higher level of testosterone and DHT, you are likely to have significantly more facial hair compared to others. Testosterone occurs naturally in the human body and there are ways to increase its concentration in the body.  Lifting weights and exercising can be extremely useful. Also, it is highly recommended to consume plenty of proteins, carbs, and healthy fat. This helps with testosterone production by increasing energy and metabolism. 

Best Foods for Beard Growth:   

There is a close relationship between body health and beard health. Your beard is extremely likely to blossom, if you consume a well-balanced, healthy diet.

  • Oysters: An excellent source of zinc, a key mineral component of cells responsible for building hair.
  • Sweet Potatoes: Helps with the cell growth in the beard with high Beta-carotene content
  • Eggs:  A natural source of biotin, a natural component that promotes beard growth and makes it stronger. 
  • Cinnamon: Enhances oxygen flow to the hair follicles, supplying necessary nutrients in the process.
  • Spinach: Contributes to healthy beard growth owing to its high protein, potassium, magnesium, iron, and calcium content. 

Best Exercises for Beard Growth: 

To boost your testosterone level, you need a lot of sleep because testosterone is produced mostly during REM sleep. Please remember that testosterone production may be obstructed by the consumption of low-calorie diets. Therefore, eat a little more than what you need and take some snacks throughout the day. 

As far as actual exercising is concerned, resistance training is most recommended because it stimulates testosterone production. Also, please remember that 8-14% body fat is ideal for optimum testosterone production. It can be achieved just by lifting weights and working out with dumbbells on a regular basis. 

In addition to following these recommendations, there are many products that can significantly enhance beard growth. Take a look at the range of Bossman Brands products to find out more.   

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