Alien God Believed To Have Discovered on Mars

While there have been more and more UFO and conspiracy theories that are surfacing online and in tabloids, it is still uncertain if extraterrestrial life exists. However, for conspiracy theorists and UFO enthusiasts, they believe there is more life outside Earth, and they are more certain about it than anyone. 

Alien God
(Photo : Twitter/UFO_Sightings_X)

Just recently, another conspiracy theory fluctuates the internet when UFO enthusiasts and alien hunters claim that they have found a stature of what it seemed to be like a Marsian God on the infamous Red Planet. 

According to UFO enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists, the statue was proof of an advanced civilization among aliens and residents on Mars.

The Martian god statue

UFO hunters were ecstatic when they discovered and spotted what it seemed to be like a statue of god on Mars. They highly believe that it was a god statue by Marsians and alien residents on the Red planet. 

Alien God
(Photo : Twitter/UFO_Sightings_X)

In the video footage that UFO experts and conspiracy theorists captured, they found the rumoured statue surrounded by rocks between the bottom of two Martian cliffs. Conspiracy theorists believe that the statue was made of copper or some sort of golden metal. 

Scott C Waring's thoughts

The UFO sighting was led by the prominent and famous alien hunter and conspiracy theorist Scott C Waring. Waring believes that the statue was made and owned by aliens who live on Mars and they use it for worship purposes for protection in their kind.

In Waring's blog website named ET Database, he wrote that he was only scanning some photos and footages of Mars and he came across an odd-looking object in an area of Mars full of cliffs. The image was taken in some kind of hillside on the Red planet.

The figure looked like it was made or covered with copper or some kind of golden metal. Waring further explains that the colour is very different from the colour of Mars' surroundings and ground, that is why the object was able to catch his attention.

Alien God
(Photo : Twitter/UFO_Sightings_X)

According to Waring, he highly believes that the Martians also have their own god that they worship to for protection, and the object that he found could be one of their god statues. 

Waring also pointed out the photos that prove that the object was a statue and even labelled its head, chest, and a long robe that used to cover the whole statue's body. He also concludes that the statue has a book or shield on its arm that covers its body.

Along with many UFO experts and conspiracy theorists, Waring believes that the statue pieces could be the answer to the longing questions about aliens and extraterrestrial life. According to them, they think that it is a piece of strong evidence that Martians did not only merely exist on the planet, but they also pray and worship to a higher being than them.

The findings according to NASA

When the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) was asked about the controversial discovery of Waring, they concluded that it could be similar to the other claimed UFO findings in the past which are only effects of pareidolia. 

Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon where the brain is tricked into seeing objects that are familiar to the eye in terms of objects and shapes in the same pattern and textures. It could be that the rumoured alien statue could just be some space rock on Mars' surface. 

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