Best Heating Oil Additives of 2020

The engine serves as the power source of a machine or vehicle, and without it, one will not run. It is imperative to clean and maintain your engines by using heating oil additives. If you're in search of the best heating oil additives on the market, here are the best you can get today. 

FPPF Chemical Co 4-in-1 Heating Oil Treatment

This heating oil additive from FPPF disperses water, controls waxing, and gelling. It cleans the pump, filter, and burner tips while stabilizing the fuel. It also promotes clean flame while reducing smoke. This heating oil additive can eliminate soot and remove varnish. This product is also the best-selling heating oil in the market and has been proven very effective when used in car engines or other big machines.

FPPF Chemical Co Heating Oil Additive

Fuel OX H.O.T Indoor Heating Treatment

Fuel Ox H.O.T. stabilizes heating oil in tanks for up to five years. It has detergents that eliminate sludge buildup in the tank. It also inhibits tank corrosion from fuel, separates the water from the heating oil, fuel conditioner replenishes lubricity that is missing in today's Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD), and also contains detergents to clean fuel lines, tank, and system.

Fuel Ox H.O.T Heating Oil Treatment

Archoil Fuel Treatment Additive

AR6200 improves torque and MPG while reducing soot/carbon deposit formation by producing a complete burn. It stabilizes fuel and protects your fuel system from wear, deposits, corrosion, and damage from water in the fuel. The fuel additive is highly Concentrated, 1 ml treats 1 gallon of diesel or gasoline. Leave your combustion modifier efficient, powerful, and responsive.

Archoil Fuel Treatment Additive also serves as a lubricant that protects the fuel pump and injectors from wear and failure, as well as the upper cylinder. It improves water separator effectiveness, enables extended fuel storage, and protects the fuel system.

Archoil Fuel Treatment Heating Oil Additive

Marvel Mystery Oil Additive 1 Gallon

Marvel Ultimate Fuel & Motor Treatment can be used in all engines, including direct injection and hybrids. Marvel Ultimate is also ideal for high mileage vehicles and preventative maintenance. Marvel Ultimate should be added to fuel or used in the crankcase in oil, specially formulated even for use in synthetic oil and with most advanced fuels including top tier, ethanol blends, and biodiesels. 

Marvel Mystery Oil Additive

At your next oil change, replace 20 percent of your engine oil--traditional or synthetic--with Marvel Mystery Oil. For example, if your engine has a 5-quart oil capacity, replace one of the quarts with a quart of Marvel Mystery Oil. Repeat at every oil change for optimal performance.

Liqui-Moly Cera Tec Motor Oil Additive

This oil additive carries 300-ml to 5- to 6-liter bottles. Liqui-Moly Cera Tec Motor Oil Additive is also one of the best-selling heating oil additives in the market today. It smooths out every motor one will use it with. Although it is a little more expensive compared to other brands, this brand helps in fuel economy and will make the engine run smoother than ever. 

Liqui-Moly Cera Tec Motor Oil Additive


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