The UK’s Top Developing Cities (For 2020 and Beyond)

The UK’s Top Developing Cities (For 2020 and Beyond)
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Despite being such a small island, the UK has multiple different identities, cultures and benefits depending on which city you go to. While London has long-reigned supreme as the go-to destination, thanks to its vast population and abundance of opportunities (attracting around half of all visits to the UK in total), the balance of power is beginning to spread into different areas - Thanks in part both to government initiatives and general interest in spots other than the south - forming quite the exciting prospect for both the young entrepreneur/investor wanting to live and work within the excitement, and the tourist looking to make the most of their upcoming trip/plans to the UK.

Want to find out more about where might be the most exciting spot in the UK looking forward? Here's a short list of some of the UK's top developing cities (for 2020 and beyond).


The second UK capital (as referred to by many) after London, Manchester is a fantastic Northern alternative for those looking to get the UK big-city experience without going to London and getting lost in the expensive tourist traps. From one of the biggest global footballing brands, Manchester United, to an extensive nightlife scene (thanks to the city's massive young person/student population - one of the largest in Europe as a whole) and restaurants, bars and live music, there is something for everyone to experience here.

From a development perspective, Manchester is also an exciting spot for investors that are thinking about the future. Recent developments such as the MediaCityUK in Salford (a digital hub that is home to the studios of the likes of Channel 4, BBC and ITV) are attracting workers and investors from far and wide, and the growing trend of 'North-Shoring' is seeing a large number of people moving into cities in-and-around Manchester for job opportunity, giving it the thriving and exciting vibe that London once had.


Not far away from Manchester and in many ways its rival, Liverpool is another strong northern city that has plenty to be excited about. Ongoing waterfront development projects are set to increase job opportunity and bring in more people to the city. The Baltic Triangle sector is another extremely popular digital hub in the city, referred to by many outlets as one of the coolest places to live in the UK.

Looking forward to the future, Liverpool is one of the best places to be if you're a small business, start up or investor with a stake in the city. With some of the highest rental yield averages in the entire country, as well as some extremely affordable property prices for the beginning investor, it's an excellent choice to start an investment portfolio as a long-term strategy. RWinvest have multiple guides, videos and podcasts discussing the prevalence of Liverpool as a key player in the UK property market currently.


Looking even further northwards, Edinburgh in Scotland is a beautiful and exciting UK great, touted quite often as one of the best spots in the nation's entirety to live and work.

From a tourist's perspective, this city offers some beautiful historic architecture and landscapes, but if you enjoy comedy, then the best time to visit is during the summer, when the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is in full swing (aside from this year, of course, as the 2020 event has been cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic).

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