Top 4 Liquid Latex Brands on Amazon

Used across the movie industry, theater, and makeup layout (to mention just some), liquid latex may also be used to make convincing bruises, lacerations, folds, even also as to areas of the body but also shaved tops adhesive-this substance can't actually do too much. If you're looking for the best liquid latex in the market, here are some of the most recommended and top-rated brands in the market today. 

Kangaroo's Monster Liquid Latex 16oz Pint

This liquid latex is made from the rubber trees and is cruelty-free. Its general purpose is adhesive, and it is used to make monsters and zombie skin, as well as creating 3D wrinkles. It is perfect for making realistic looking scars, gashes, and other wounds on your skin. Use a cotton and tissue paper to build up effects. This liquid latex can also be painted after drying. It is more flexible than regular glue, and it dries quickly, dries clear, and easily peels off. 

Kangaroo's Monster Liquid Latex

Creature Liquid Latex - General Purpose Professional Special Effects

This is a professional graded liquid latex that is perfect for all kinds of special effects. It is manufactured by working FX Industry Artists. Liquid latex comes in a huge bottle, and you can see a massive difference in money and savings compared to other brands. Creature Liquid Latex was created by the actual working industry special effect makeup artists! The general purpose latex is perfect for creating all kinds of wounds and Gorey effects. Creature Liquid Latex dries completely clear to make blending in your work effortless. This type of liquid latex is made to be thin do you can get finely blends detailed edges without the clumping other thicker latex product have. When only the finest will do, save money, and get more with Creature Liquid Latex!

Creature Liquid Latex


Professional makeup artists rely on high-quality liquid latex to create special effects, like fake skin burns and aged skin. The bottle is 3.25 inches high and 1.25 inches wide. Each ounce of Cinema Secrets Liquid Latex will give 10 to 50 applications, depending on use. You can apply dozens of prosthetics and makeup, or even do 1-2 skin effects using this latex. It is made in the USA and is guaranteed safe to use. It is also safe and fun to use for all ages. 

Cinema Secrets Liquid Latex

Cosmetic FX Liquid Latex 8oz Jug

Cosmetic FX Liquid Latex comes in a huge 8 oz jug that will surely cater to your set's needs in terms of costume and makeup. The liquid latex is developed for sensitive skin, and it is made of low protein cosmetic latex. It goes on white and dries clear and can be removed safely and cleanly with baby oil. This liquid latex is perfect for costumes, special effects makeup, cosplay. Many actors and cosplayers, use this liquid latex for more exaggerated costumes to make it believable. This is cosmetic professional-graded and is made in the USA. It is also FDA-approved, so it is guaranteed safe to use for all ages. 

Cosmetic FX Liquid Latex Jug


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