Top 5 Power Failure Alarms on Amazon 2020

There are a lot of cases where houses and buildings get burned down because of one main reason: unattended electrical activities. This includes lights and electrical circuits being left our running. Thus, it is always important to be mindful of these kinds of things in your home and office to avoid accidents and fires. 

Are you looking for a more secure way to monitor your electricity in your home or office? Upgrade your home's security and monitor your electric lines and power supply with these high-end power failure alarms on Amazon today. Each item is readily available on their website and is being offered at a great deal, so don't miss out!

Proteus C5 WiFi Electric Load Sensor

Know when your electric/ electronic equipment turns on/ off and get alerts by email or text message. Connects to your home or office wifi. No hub or gateway required. ON/ OFF detection and alerting for motors, pumps, industrial machines, televisions, etc. A 25 ft cable is included for extension purposes. Add custom delay times before the alarm is tripped. The buzzer can be turned on or off, or programmed to turn off after a few minutes automatically.

Proteus C5 WiFi Electric Load Sensor

Power Failure Alarm PFA-1

This power failure alarm is one of the best in the market and is known to be one of the loudest as well. The alarm sound is 103dB and can be heard even in noisy factories. Plug detection feature warns if your device is unplugged. It also has a low battery alert. The power failure alarm has a 10-year battery alarm life for 48 hours. It also has silence or a test button. 

Power Failure Alarm PFA-1

Automatic Power Cut Failure LED Indicator Smart 120dB

LED indicator shows power out / failure alarm and power condition. Connect the alarm to the AC power supply and turn on the power switch to enter the working state. The siren alarms when the power supply is cut off until restore power. The warning could be manually muted by on/off switch. High voltage resistant design, works fine even when power voltage exceeds the standard. Drawer-type cell cover design can change the battery easily. They are widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, institutions, substations, telecommunications rooms, farms, etc.

Automatic Power Cut Failure Alerter LED Indicator

Power Failure Alarm 12dB Home Security LED Indicator Automatic Electricity Out Warning

Silencing and test button, multiple settings for different behaviors. Automatic closing alarm function when power supply. They are widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, organs, substations, freezers, livestock, and industrial controls that cannot be without power. Prevent the thief cut off the power supply for theft and so on. If there is a sudden power, the alarm will sound the alarm to remind people.

Power Failure Alarm 120db Home Security LED Indicator

Reliance Control Corporation Power Fail Light with Alarm

Use as a power failure light with the alarm function turned off. The LED light will last over 6 hours once the battery is fully charged, and the light is turned on. The alarm will sound itself for 2 hours when there is no power to the device. Product Type: -Transfer switch cover/Power cord. Dimensions: Overall Height - Top to Bottom: -3.5". Overall Width - Side to Side: -2.5". Overall Depth - Front to Back: -2". Overall Product Weight is1 lbs.

Reliance Control Corporation Power Fail Light


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