Best Dryer Heater Converters of 2020

Are you thinking of getting a dryer heater for your home or office? Here are some of the best you can get in Amazon today. 

Deflecto Extra Heat Dryer Saver

Save the heat from your clothes dryer and divert it into your home with our Extra Heat Dryer Saver; Accommodates 4" diameter dryer ducts. Adjustable flap deflects heat and humidity inside during cold weather and deflects them outside during warm weather. Saves energy and money; Clean filter screen after each use for optimal performance and safety. Do not vent gas clothes dryers into bathrooms or bedrooms; Some building codes may restrict the use of this product, always check the local regulations in your area.

Deflecto Extra Heat Dryer Saver

Open doors in small rooms for adequate distribution of heat and moisture; Use with UL listed Supurr-Flex clothes dryer transition duct.

BetterVent Indoor Dryer Vent Protect Indoor Air Quality

A double filter system captures lint and dust for a healthier indoor environment. The stainless steel screen acts as a pre-filter capturing large lint particles, pet hair, etc. and can be cleaned with a sweeping motion of the hand. The polyester filter will capture the finer lint dust and can be vacuumed clean for extended use or replaced when fully loaded with lint. Compatible with electric dryers only.

BetterVent Indoor Dryer Vent Kit

Clothes dry faster, saving time and energy. Savings increase in colder months by returning warm dryer air into the room. This patented double filter system does not use water, eliminating messy cleanups. There is a patent-pending Safety Vent Flap designed to open as a reminder to clean the screen and filter. This is an excellent solution for renters or homeowners concerned with dryer lines that exceed the dryer manufacturer's recommendations, resulting in inefficient operation and lint accumulation.

Broan-NuTone 1799 Heat Economizer

The dryer vent pipe goes through my attached garage. Is it flimsy? Yes, but not any flimsier than the others. Sadly, there is not a non-flimsy dryer heat saver available without getting into the kind that needs water to work. If you could have found a heavier plastic or an aluminum heat saver, you would have gladly left this product alone. It's easy to turn off and on. You don't want to leave one of these on all the time, or the excessive moisture will wreck your stuff.

Broan-NuTone 1700 Heat Economizer

Dundas Jafine 4-Inch 

Combination clothes dryer heat saver and lint trap. It provides extra heat and humidity from clothes dryer into the room. Damper handle to vent air inside or outside. It has a removable and reusable, easy-to-clean lint filter. For use with 4" flexible duct or metal pipe. Includes two stretch clamps. It is recommended for electric dryers only. It comes in color white. ProFlex heat keeper kit. Directs warm, moist air from electric clothes dryers into your home. The safety valve eliminates dryer backpressure. Includes heat keeper unit, removable lint cap, two plastic clamps.

Dundas Jafine Vents

EZ Dryer Vent System 

This dryer heat diverter is made from galvanized steel with an enamel coat and will not surely rust. It reduces the fire hazard of clogged ducting with quick access for cleaning. Easy to move your dryer, connect, and disconnect is a snap. It is easy to install, no more crimping your dryer duct. It improves airflow and dryer time, saving you money. It also comes with an exhaust vent that can be installed left, right, up, or down. It is heavy-duty, magnetic boot for easy disconnecting. 

EZ Dryer Vent System


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