6 Reasons Why Compression Wear Will Boost Your Active Lifestyle

6 Reasons Why Compression Wear Will Boost Your Active Lifestyle
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Having an active lifestyle is a great way to improve your health and overall quality of life, and you'll agree that you often want to increase your performance and outcomes from your sporting and workout routines. Compression wear has had quite the hype for a long while, and you're right to wonder if it works to boost performance, or it's just a gimmick by sporting companies. However, there's now evidence that it works well to improve your overall exercise and athletic activities, and below are just a few of the reasons why you can trust compression wear:

It has its beginnings in medicine.

Doctors and surgeons have, for long, recommended to their patients the use of compression clothing after surgical procedures to reduce bold loss, and boost blood and lymph circulation in affected areas. Compression stockings and chins are especially common for plastic surgery and poor venous flow patients. These applications have now been adapted for sports.

Compression clothing is built for specific purposes.

There's compression clothing for before exercise (warm-ups, that is), and after exercise to provide more useful compression. To get the most out of compression wear from you must figure out what your items are better used for before putting them on while working out. For instance, you want higher compression during a sprint or other high-impact motions, and lower compression while at rest and heart rate is lower.

It boosts your awareness.

Compression during exercise provides you with a more heightened feeling as you carry out your motions, which helps to reduce injury. As you exercise, you're pushing your muscles, and compression will ensure that you keep the right angles, patterns, and positions. By improving the flow of lymph, it improves its dispersion among the muscle tissues and the efficiency of removal of wastes like lactic acid. With the reduction of injuries and better removal of waste products from your muscles, your recovery becomes faster, and you'll feel a marked improvement in your performance.

It reduces the risk of DVT for athletes.

If you're a fitter athlete and put in more training hours, you're at risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT), as your resting heart rate is lower. DVT rears its ugly head, especially while traveling, so you want to put on some compression wear then. Studies show that these will help you feel lighter and fresher.

It makes running easier for heavier individuals.

Running is a great cardio exercise, especially if you want to jumpstart our metabolism and lose weight. However, running is high-impact, and you'll soon start to feel it in your muscles. To reduce the possible injury from the impact imposed on your muscles by running, jumping, or any other motion that can cause trauma, put on some compression stockings.

Compression wear is useful even as you rest.

As you travel, sit at your desk, or go to work for an extended shift on your feet, you can put on recovery socks to boost blood circulation in your legs.

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