Disturbing Facts About the Dark Web


When we think of internet dangers, we most often imagine things such as identity theft, cyberbullying, and inappropriate content for our children. However, there is a place on the World Wide Web that is far worse than anything most of us could ever imagine or even want to.

What exactly is the dark web?

The dark web is a place where people can do pretty much anything they want, regardless of how inhumane, terrifying, or downright hellish it may be. This is all done under total anonymity and with relative secrecy.

How do I access the dark web?

In order to explore this unrestricted area of cyberspace you'll need a particular router called The Onion Router. You will also need an exact URL as there is no search engine in the dark. These URL's are usually shared amongst friends with the same interests. Think of it as a secret society that only shares its secrets to a trusted few.

How disturbing is the dark web?

Very. Users can find pretty much anything they want there. Although not every dark webber is there with malice in their heart, the vast majority are. While some users duck into the dark to speak out about social issues that may otherwise be censored from our typical platforms, others are there for much, much more hedonistic reasons.

A Virtual Lord of War

 The dark web is Nicolas Cage's character optimized. What I mean is, you can buy pretty much any weapon via the dark web. This includes missile launchers, explosives, and land mines, just to name a few. Oh, and there are no background checks. Are you disturbed yet?

Murder for Hire

 If you're not the hands-on, gun-type but would like to have someone "eliminated," the dark web can do that for you as well-with maximum secrecy. Of course, it's not only for murder. For those looking for help committing fraud, identity theft, or any other illegal activity you can think of, the dark web knows someone that knows someone.

Cannibal DIY

If you are still not disturbed, I'm sure this will do it for you. There are actual forums on the dark web regarding the most efficient-and delicious-ways to cook human meat. One source actually discovered a forum dedicated to cooking women. I'm starting to get spooked myself, to be honest.

Papers for Sale

For the sake of my heart rate and overall mental condition, let's slow the roll quite a bit on the scary and return to the culturally disturbing. Anyone, from anywhere, can purchase complete and passable documentation for everything from birth certificates to passports and Social Security numbers.

Sexual Deviance Unharnessed

The absolute most disturbing fact about the dark web is the unadulterated sex trade that it contains. Sexual predators, deviants, and the insane can frolic through the world's most disgusting, brutal, and completely depraved pornographic sites. There are claims of Beastiality, torture porn, and actual rape porn found on the dark web. According to some dark webbers, users can actually pay to watch a puppy skinned alive or see a live feed of a hooker getting kidnapped, raped, and tortured all to their direction.

Is there no paper trail?

Apparently, the dark web runs purely on bitcoin. If you are not familiar with bitcoin, it is the digital currency that is set to replace all other global currencies. If it's being used for mostly illegal activity now, what does that mean when it becomes prevalent?

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