Best Diamond Dremel Bits on Amazon

It is always better to have a complete set of tools at home, so why not get yourself a diamond Dremel set? Here are some of the best you can get in the market today. 

Diamond Grinding Head Set Carving Burr Rotary Bit for Dremel Tools Shank

This set has 30 pieces of diamond-coated burrs grit 120 rotary bur. The head shapes are sphere, cylinder, bullet, or needle-sharp. The total length of it is 45mm and while the grit is graded as 120, which is a medium size. Premium type diamond coated in grit120 (medium). More durable than the ordinary diamond coated burr. Use with water as a lubricant is better. Suitable for use in grind the edge of glass, marble, rock, or jewelry. And apply to drill glass, shells, tile, and stone. 

Diamond Grinding Head Set Carving Burr Rotary Bit for Dremel Tools

ProQuality 20-Piece Diamond Bur Set for Rotary Tool 

This is a new set of 20 diamond-coated burs. This master diamond bur set allows you to shape, grind, and finish with precision. Great for filing glass, ceramics, tile, brick, plastics, wood, fiberglass, stone, rock carbide, gold, platinum, silver, metals or anything else that is hard. It is recommended for jewelers, lapidary, hobbies and crafts, modeling, home repair, etc. Assortment includes various sizes of round, cone, inverted cone, tree, bud, cylinder, and knife-edge burs.

Pro-Quality 20-Piece Diamond Bur Set for Rotary Tool

545 Diamond Cutting Wheel 25 Pieces with 402 Mandrel Dremel Rotary Tool

The set includes cutting discs that measure 22mm in diameter, has a thickness of 0.6mm, a mandrel diameter of 3.0mm, and a screwdriver 98mm. It is designed for Dremel rotary tools and replacement EZ545/544 lock Dremel cut off wheel. The aluminum oxide cut off discs are thin and sharp. It is completely coated with fine diamond particles, and breathing holes is for reducing heat and removing debris, perfect for making slots and slits. This diamond grit cutting wheel is suitable for doing DIY, cutting, sewing, carving, sharpening, and filing hard materials including all kinds of precious stones, jade, marble concrete, brick, porcelain, ceramics, epoxy, and other hardwoods. But it is not recommended for metal. For your safety, please must wear gloves and goggles and be careful around spark when using mandrel Dremel diamond cutting tools. It may become very hot when cutting, add some water to keep it cool.

545 Diamond Cutting Wheel 25 Pieces with 402 Mandrel

30-Pieces Diamond Grinding Burr Drill Bit 

Diamond Grinding Head Burr uses stone, glass, metal, hardwood, tile, ceramics, marble, granite, and other hard materials. They are used for sculpturing, dressing, precision grinding, and internal grinding carbide in ceramic, glass, precious stone, alloy, and many other abrasive materials. Grit 60 Diamond Rotary Grinding set, a rougher surface which is quicker than the larger grit burrs when Sanding, Polishing, and Engraving. High working efficiency, perfect grinding effect. Convenient to engrave, simple to use, safe, and reliable. The shank's diameter measures 0.118 inches while the head's diameter measures 6mm. 

30 Pieces Diamond Grinding Burr Drill Bit Set

DerBlue 50-Piece Diamond Coated Rotary Burr Fits Dremel Rotary Tools

This set includes 50 assorted heads, small head style, diamond rotary burrs. The shank size is ⅛-inch big, and the grit is 120, which is in medium size. Various shapes included, such as spheres, cylinders, bullets, needles, etc, designed for rotary tools, plastic box packaging, easy to store and carry. Great for working with ceramics, tile, stone, glass, metal & more.

DerBlue 50-Piece Shank Diamond Coated Rotary Burrs Set Fits Dremel


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