Best Garlic Dicers of 2020

You don't have to worry about spending too much time in dicing garlic. Here are some of the best garlic and vegetable dicers in the market that will help you in the kitchen!

Crank Chop Food Chopper and Processor Original 

The vegetable chopper that chops, dices, and purees with a pull of the cord, replacing your dicer, mincer, cutter, and blender. Small enough to take in the RV, on camping & fishing trips, or use in the dorm! Just place ingredients like onion, garlic, tomato, nuts, or any veggie and herb into the bowl, replace the lid, then pull the cord to start chopping. The more you crank, the finer the chop. Just place ingredients like onion, garlic, tomato, nuts, or any veggie and herb into the bowl, replace the lid, then pull the cord to start chopping. The more you crank, the finer the chop. When you're ready to wash your handheld food chopper, cleanup is a cinch. Both the bowl and blades are dishwasher safe. Lid requires hand washing.

Crank Shop Food Chopper and Processor Original

TOROTON Vegetable Chopper Slicer Dicer

Designing to be the most fully-featured veg chopper combination on the market, you can buy one to get ten different kitchen tools that cover all your kitchen needs from this chopper: 2 rotating blades (for ribbon and spiral), seven inserts (slicing, shredding, grating, and julienning) and a juicer. This slicer would be your must-have kitchen tool to create a perfect meal. Made of food-grade ABS plastic thicker mandoline frame, mandoline slicer will not be broken easily even after violent transportation, which makes it more durable in our daily use. The 2.1L plastic storage large container lets you store food directly when vegetable cutter. In addition, the non-slip base and groove design are securely fastened under the guarantee of the box and make it easier to cut. Rust-resistant heavy-duty 420 stainless steel retains razor sharpness for crisp, smooth cutting and grating. 

TOROTON Vegetable Chopper Slicer Dicer

SEISSO Food Chopper Stainless Steel Chopper Dicer

The closed scientific design is perfect for chopping acrid veggies, such as garlic, onion, pepper, and ginger, etc. No longer being afraid of hot eyes and finger cutting since you got this food chopper, let's make delicious food safely without trouble. High-speed is the standard for this food chopper. The ordinary garlic press is low efficiency and just works for one garlic per time, but this slap chopper can cut ten garlic at a time, large capacity, and help save more time preparing dinner. It's effortless to use since the Rotary slitting; When you press the handle, the blade rotates 24°angle automatically. Cutting 10 seconds is equivalent to a knife cutting 300 times. No grinding steel blade, no worry about the blunt edge. 

SEISSO Food Chopper Stainless Steel

Kitchen Innovations Garlic-A-Peel 

Peel, slice, dice, and grate garlic with this innovative garlic tool with silicone peeler and two interchangeable blades; the Dicing blade creates cube-shaped garlic and slicing blade creates longer and thinner garlic; Clear container contains raised teeth for creating the perfect garlic paste. Use the silicone peeler to peel garlic, then simply add garlic in between the top and selected blade, then push down; Clear container catches crushed garlic and allows for easy transfer directly to any dish or recipe. Smart cleaning blade on the top lid is easily removed for handheld cleaning; All components are dishwasher safe.

Kitchen Innovations Garlic-A-Peel

Vremi Food Chopper One Piece Salad, Vegetable Chopper

Whether you're preparing chopped fruits, vegetables, or baby food, this small handheld food chopper will help you to do it. Design to chop, dice, and mince your way to faster, healthy meals and snacks in no time! Express chop chunks of onions, herbs, garlic, or spices into smaller pieces with a sharp one-piece zigzag blade that cuts and rotates at the base with a quick push of the non-slip, easy-grip plunger handle by your hands. 

Vremi Food Chopper One Piece Salad Vegetable Chopper


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