5 Tips to Renovate Your House

5 Tips to Renovate Your House
(Photo : 5 Tips to Renovate Your House)

Renovating a house can be both challenging and exciting. To make this adventure a success, you must be prepared for what lies ahead and have good expectations. You must have a fixed budget and manage things accordingly within that budget. In the following article, there are some that will be helpful in renovating a house while also keeping your budget in check.

Start by remodeling your windows

When renovating your home, its vital that you install large windows and its always a best idea to go for double or triple glazed windows. For people who are foreign to the concept of a double glazed window, it's a window that contains two panes of glass within a sealed frame, similarly triple glazed contains three. In case of double glazed, between each pane, there is a pocket of gas (mostly argon) which is heavier than air making windows insulate noise and heat, bringing peace and tranquility into your life.

In triple glazed option however, third panel of glass is located halfway between the inner and outer panes of double glazing which helps to create dual air locks that improve both energy performance and effect of double glazing to a whopping 50%.

Energy savings are also substantial part of why switching from single to double or triple glazed windows. We're talking about U value of approx. 1.4W/m²k for double glazed and around 0.8W/m²k for a triple glazed window which accounts for 5%-10% improvement in overall energy performance of a new house (Windows usually account for around 20% of heat loss). But when these figures are converted into money, that a saving of 40 to 50$ or 37 to 46£ a year on heating bills depending on the size of your house.

Paint Affects Lights

Paint can make a difference between night and day, instantly change the vibe of your home in a second, but it's vital to understand how you should proceed when it comes to painting your walls. In case budget is tight then there's no use in purchasing many different colored pallets. Only choose black and white pallet, because it gives your house a more modern look. Its recommended that painting should be saved for the end of your renovation project. When its due time, all major structures should be painted first before the carpet is installed.

Similarly, painting your doors affect the lighting of your room as well. Instead of purchasing new doors, you could try repainting your existing doors according to the concentration of light in your house to optimize the lighting within your house, the way you desire.

Storage Spaces and Kitchen

While decorating/renovating your house, your goal is probably to de-clutter and try to maximize your storage as well. You can start by utilizing your kitchen to its maximum capacity which can help you minimize your storage issues. To do this on a low budget, you can either DIY cabinets or storages from recycled materials available in your house.

DIY kitchen cabinets will not only save you a whole a lot of money but also reuse your old materials that were cluttering in your home ensuring that you are building exactly what you need, "Two birds one stone". If more cabinets aren't needed, then simply repaint them to make your kitchen good as new.


The number of quality products you can purchase to renovate your bathroom nowadays is just astounding. Here are some elements and tips you can use before you start your bathroom renovations

  • Color Scheme: Do you like blue hues? Or maybe some shades of gray too fit the rest of your décor? You should know ahead of time to make sure your bathroom tiles don't conflict with rest of your choice of paint.

  • Storage Spaces: You should know beforehand where you'll be keeping your towels and toiletries after renovation. If you are going to remove closet from bathroom, then make sure you have shelves or cabinets to make up for lost storage in bathroom.

  • Utilities Location: Do you wish to remodel your bathtub? Maybe installing a new sink? Or maybe replacing both of these fixtures. Doing either will add a spark to your new bathroom look but add some time and budget to your project.

  • Fixtures: You should have a location of electrical wiring and plumbing pipes to make sure you have accurate measurements of each of these to avoid repairs.

Floor renovation

The most daunting task in renovating a home is the floor. The first thing to consider is your budget, ease of maintenance and even weather condition on your location. 

Here are some of the famous choices when it comes to floor plan.

  • Laminate flooring: It's a widely used synthetic flooring that simulates the look and feel of wood or stone. Its top layer can mimic the incredibly realistic pattern of trees, stones metal without spending your budget on an expensive flooring.

  • Wood Flooring: One of the most immemorial flooring that has been used from time to time. If your budget allows, this can add quite a lot of value to your property aesthetically and monetarily. It's also extremely durable lasting for decades though they are prone to moisture and mold.

  • Carpet Flooring: Carpet floor is by the softest option available to consumer. If you have a baby on the way or overactive kids, this flooring can be the go-to-choice for you. Prices vary according to materials.

  • Vinyl Flooring: If you want to go for a reliant and economical choice, Vinyl flooring is the way to go. Its manufactured using felt, fiberglass and dyes making is really durable. Vinyl tiles are a popular choice for home floor plans because they give a look of ceramic tiles but are much cheaper.

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