International Flavors: Amazon's Best Thai Iced Tea Powder

Looking for that traditional Thai iced tea? Here are some of the best brands you can get in the market today:

Thai Iced Tea Mix Traditional Restaurant Style 

If you're looking for a Thai iced tea mix that is the same as the ones being served in traditional Thai restaurants, here is the real deal. This Thai Iced Tea mix is the best among the rest! It is the most recommended and top-rated iced tea mix in the market because of its similar taste to traditional Thai iced teas served in Thai restaurants. This goes well during a hot season or weather. Mix it in water and add lots of ice, and you now have yourself a classic, homemade Thai iced tea. You may opt to put milk, creamers, or additional sugar if it does not taste sweet for you. However, there's no need to add sugar because the powder is already sweet and perfect. This is also best to drink as a hot drink. 

Thai Iced Tea Mix Traditional Restaurant Style 16 oz

Authentic Thai Iced Tea Flavored Black Tea

This authentic Thai iced tea powder is one of the best to get in the market as well because it contains real tea leaves. It has 20 individually packed Thai tea bags that you can use to mix in either iced or hot water. This iced tea mix has a great taste that is similar to most Thai iced tea served in Thai restaurants. It has a traditional and cultured taste that one will surely love. You don't have to spend a lot of time mixing one. Just follow three steps: get water, mix the tea bags, and wait for it to mix up. With that, you can now enjoy the great-tasting Thai iced to you have been craving for. It is also sugar-free and healthy!

Wangderm Authentic Thai Iced Tea

Number One the Original Thai Iced Tea Mix

This is the original number one Thai iced tea mix brand, and it has been serving people with good iced tea mix since 1945. This pack offers an authentic Thai tea mix that contains a perfect blend of black tea and other Thai spices. The natural ingredients are 100% organic, and it's the reason why this tea is very popular and widely bought by many shoppers. Simply boil this tea mix and then add ice after to make it cold. The package has easy instructions on the back of the pack. This is freshly made and imported directly from Thailand. You may opt to add milk, additional sugar, or even coffee to this tea mix to have a more flavorful tea. Stir well and serve with ice. This is FDA-approved and is safe to drink. 

Number One The Original Thai Iced Tea Mix

DEDE Instant Thai Tea Drink with Cream and Sugar

This is highly recommended by a lot of Thai iced tea lovers because of its creamy and sweet mix! It is not only tasty, but it is also cheaper compared to other brands in the market. The delicious iced tea is so familiar and comforting that you might think it is made directly from Thailand. It is also easy to mix and prepare, even if you're on the go. All you need to do is get water, mix the powder to it, shake, get your tall glass, add some ice, and then you're all set! You can have this any time and anywhere, even if you're at home, or in the office, or at a party. 

Angel Specialty Products Thai Blended Creme 3 Pounds


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