Body Mods: 4 Best Nose Piericing Kits on Amazon 2020

Planning to get a new nose piercing, but you don't have the time to go to a professional piercer? If so, you might need a piercing kit that is easy to use even just by yourself. Here are some of the best professional nose piercing kits on Amazon today that you can check out. 

Yuelong body Piercing Kit Professional Nose Piercing Kit 20G and 16G 

This 51-piece professional piercing kit has everything you need for your piercing needs. The set includes five pieces of 20G piercing needles, five pieces of 16G piercing needles, two pieces of disposable piercing clamps, a pair of disposable gloves, 27 pieces of nose rings, and ten pieces of disposable pads. You can be creative at piercing your noses with this kit, and it will totally rock your new look. The kit is one of the most affordable nose piercing kits in the market, and it is also economical.

Body Piercing Kit Yuelong 51 Pieces Professional Nose Piercing Kit 20G 16G

These piercing tools are all brand new and are packed individually for your safety. This is the ideal nose piercing kit to give to yourself or anyone who loves piercings. The nose rings of this set are beautiful, and it will change your whole personality. The nose rings are made of high-grade material, and it is safe and hypoallergenic use. It has a fashionable and classic design and offers a lot of different designs, such as nose ring, nose ring with ball, stud, L shape studs, spiral studs, and more. 

WZPN 44 Pieces Professional Piercing Kit Piercing Jewelry 18G 20G

This 44-piece professional kit includes all that you need for ear, facial, and body piercing. The kit contains two types of piercing needles, which are 18G and 20G. This kit can be used to pierce the navel, eyebrows, lips, tragus, tongue, cartilage, and more. The set includes all the tools that you need for piercing, including 20 pieces of silver studs, ten piercing needles-- wherein there are five pieces of 18G and five pieces of 20G--, a pair of disposable gloves, two pieces of disposable piercing clamps, and ten disposable cotton pads. This piercing kit is made of high-quality material, and it is very durable and convenient to clean. The needles and piercings are smoothly polished, and it guarantees no allergic reactions. Each piece in this set is individually packed and sealed. 

WZPB 44 Pieces Professional Piercing Kit 18G 20G

SOTICA nose Piercing Kit 18G and 20G Stainless Steel

This nose piercing kit comes with ten pieces of stainless steel piercing needles that are a combination of both 18G and 20G sizes, 12 pieces of nose piercing jewelry, ten pieces of disposable cotton pads, a pair of disposable latex gloves, and two disposable piercing clamps. All of the piercing tools in this kit are 100% safe and clean to use. Each is sealed and packed individually to ensure strict quality control. The piercing needles are guaranteed made of high-quality 316L stainless steel, and the clamps are made of high-quality plastic. The kit also offers two sizes of body piercing needles that can be used to pierce belly buttons, nipples, tongue, eyebrows, cartilage, and more. 

Nose Piercing Kit SOTICA Piercing Kit with 18G 20G Stainless Steel Piercing

Self Nose Piercing Kit Disposable Sterile Piercing Kit

This self-piercing kit features a single-use nose-piercing kit with a built-in nose stud that has no clasps which are more comfortable. The design of this piercing tool is easy to use and is designed with the highest form of mechanics. This piercing tool is very easy to use; it looks and works like a stapler. The stud material is made of cubic zirconia and steel and is safe to use. The studs are also sterilized before being sealed and have passed the standard medical requirement. 

Self Nose Piercing Kit Disposable Sterile Ear Nose


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